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In ProgressRepeated Crashes

MawdrigenMawdrigen Registered Users Posts: 7
edited November 2018 in Crashes
Build: v1.5.0 Build 8774.1520175

Detailed description: Was originally crashing from the Campaign screen while playing Tomb Kings. I restarted as Lorkhir, and am now experiencing crashes during battles. Crashes to desktop with no error and no warnings. It does not create a minidump. The game will run for an indetermininate amount of time each time, sometimes it will be an hour or so, sometimes minutes. Retartig the game after a crash usually crashes again quickly, restarting machine sometimes buys a little more time.

Reproduction Steps:
Play the game it will crash to desktop at a random point after starting

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Unsubscribed from all Mods, Deleted Data Folder and reacquired, verified files repeatedly. Also tried full reinstall. Issue persists in all cases.

Please attach .minidump, .save (multiplayer saves from both host and client if it occurs during multiplayer), DxDiag and modified.log files
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