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Do you still spread out your units?

jamreal18jamreal18 Senior MemberPosts: 8,208Registered Users
Which formation are Romans more effective?

Spread-out or Deep?


  • RewanRewan Senior Member Posts: 772Registered Users
    Spread out imho.

    I find deep formation to be only useful if you're trying to go through a gap in the enemy lines and charging with a very distinct angle into an unit from behind.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 8,208Registered Users
    Deep Ranks shall win against spread out unit.

    Try 2 Praetorians Guards against each other.
  • RewanRewan Senior Member Posts: 772Registered Users
    edited November 2018
    Tried deep versus AI using "regular" (aka spread but not to the limit), AI butchered me. (And they were using formation attack)

    Tried the spreadest formation (so just slightly more spread than normal but still, noticeable), disabled formation attack and my guys won. And I was charging uphill

    Being able to wrap around ever so slightly and flank is still a key to winning the battles, that had no reason to change with the patch
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 17,658Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Personally I don't mess with the spread or the depth. I leave the original unit as it is present for any faction with solid infantry units, when in battle, and work with the way I want the starting battle line to work. For a number of factions it works fine. Getting flanked is not the big a deal in a solid line supported by missile units, and you have a number of cavalry units that can attack from the flank or rear.

    Saved my butt a number of times, more often than not.
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  • FranzSaxonFranzSaxon Posts: 2,357Registered Users
    Beautiful dge!!
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