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Game Hangs and Crashes on Campaign Map

DuskfireDuskfire Registered Users Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Crashes
The game frequently hangs on the campaign map and recovers after 10-30 seconds typically though it occasionally full crashes. Checking the temps and utilization on MSI Afterburner shows the GPU temp begin to spike abruptly when it happens but also the GPU usage instantly spikes from around 77% to 100% then down to 0% as it recovers.

This issue has been occurring before the most recent patch, since at least around early October. It has occurred across multiple driver versions as far back as July this year.

I originally thought it was a temperature issue and have dusted the inside of the case as a whole and taken the GPU out and dusted it thoroughly. I adjusted the fan profile through MSI Afterburner to raise the fan speed at earlier temperature levels. Since I noticed the GPU usage spiking to 100% I tried uninstalling the drivers completely through windows and a clean install through NVIDIA's options. I also tried using DisplayDriverUninstaller but nothing changed regardless of driver or uninstall method.

It doesn't seem to care what the settings are as it has happened when all are turned to low or high though in DX12 it fails to recover and always crashes the first time.

I attached a brief video to show what it looks like from the user end in case that helps.

Please let me know if you need anytime else, thanks!


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