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Ruin "Sudoku" puzzle has two valid answers, game only accepts one.

kellyRkellyR Registered Users Posts: 2

For this puzzle, either the yellow OR the purple 1 dot could be in the question marked square. There are two valid solutions to this specific puzzle (Which should not be the case for any properly crafted sudoku puzzle).

The two valid solutions to the puzzle are:

P1, B4, Y2, R3
B2, Y1, R3, P4
R3, P2, B4, Y1
Y4, R3, P1, B2

P1, B4, Y2, R3
B2, P1, R3, Y4
R3, Y2, B4, P1
Y4, R3, P1, B2

Where B = Blue, P = Purple, R = Red, and Y = Yellow, obviously.

As you can see, both are valid, and the worse part is that both P1 and Y1 are options the game gives you for the answer, so you can't narrow it down that way either. I picked 1 yellow dot, and it gave me a fail.

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