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New to multiplayer, want some suggestion

Tan_YuTan_Yu Registered Users Posts: 22
Greetings. I have finished a few campaigns and is now considering getting a dip of multiplayer. Have watched a few videos, but problem is, I used to play the undead in campaigns, and they are famous for lacking in siege weapons and archers so . Since I still want to be a undead(Not the vampire pirates) player in multiplayer, do you guys have any suggestions on how to build my first army? Thank you for your time.


  • tank3487tank3487 Member Registered Users Posts: 1,633
    edited November 2018
    Tan_Yu said:

    do you guys have any suggestions on how to build my first army? Thank you for your time.

    It depends vs what faction you fight. There is no single army that are good vs all factions. If you plan to play competitive i suggest to create presets vs each faction.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,096
    Vampire Counts are a decent faction in multiplayer...they have a few factions they are known for struggling quite heavily against (High Elves for example)...but they aren't too bad, even without the ranged. Their magic and healing is among the strongest in the game to make up for it, and they excel at winning attritional grinds.

    If you have specific questions I don't mind answering, but it is hard to give 'catch-all' advice without writing a novel. I main as Vampire Counts although I'm decent with Lizardmen and am learning to enjoy the Coast as well. I've dabbled in several other factions, such as the Dark Elves, but nothing that stuck. If you're just starting to learn, I'd find somebody to practice with in custom perhaps or watch tutorial videos until you get the basics.

    Just a heads up....if you're new, you will lose...A LOT at first. So just mentally prepare yourself for that. Most of the people playing right now have been active for years. Jumping in late can put you at a disadvantage....I think I lost my first couple dozen games or so before I won my first one, and even then my winrate didn't jump up to 50/50 or anything like that. Now
    it's way above 50%...^^But that took a lot of practice.

    So yeah, regardless of what race/builds you decide to run with, just keep in mind it can take awhile to start seeing results of the work you're putting in and what you're learning...and just don't let that demoralize you.
  • SarmatiansSarmatians Registered Users Posts: 3,938
    In general, you prepare an army based on opponent.

    Vampire Counts are very strong and they don't have bad matchups pretty much, with High Elves and Vampire Coast being hardest for them.

    Mortis Enginge can help a lot in many matchups where the opponent doesn't have strong ranged units to take it out.
    Vampire air units are great and only High Elves, Wood Elves, Bretonnia and Vampire Coast can challenge them in that department. Use that to your advantage, to keep your lord safe and mobile, for instance. Against those factions mentioned, either go big in air or don't go in air at all.

    Use summons and fellbats to shut down back line of the enemy, like their archers and arty.
  • Green0Green0 Registered Users Posts: 6,260
    I would suggest to play the first 5-10 matches as Chaos even if you don’t like it if you’re absolutely new. Pick a Death castwr with Spirit Leech only on a horse, infantry whatever you prefer just not all Chosen because then you won’t have numbers, 1-2 units of monsters/cavalry and 1 big monster/Kholek and some marauder horsemen. Pick some AP damage too to deal with enemy hard hitters. This army is very easy to play and surprisingly effective and will allow you to see what opponents pick in MP (it’s very different from what AI picks in campaign), form easy groups such as 1: frontline infantry, 2: left flank, 3: right flank, 4: characters and you won’t get punished too hard for micro mistakes. Try your best, try out basic strategies and then scale up from there perhaps picking a different faction afterwards (you mention VC) and using that build as a base and changing elements gradually to what is strongest in that faction.
  • moistureheadmoisturehead Registered Users Posts: 5
    I'd agree with @Green0. As someone who doesn't play that much multiplayer, I find that Chaos is probably the faction that is easiest for new players to use.

    If you really want to stick with an undead faction in MP, I would probably recommend going with Tomb Kings over Vampire Counts. From my (albeit limited) experience, VC is a bit one dimensional and requires a solid understanding of MP fundamentals, due to the nature of the faction.

    Tomb Kings have tools that are more similar to those found in other factions (Foot skirmishers, cav skirmishers, etc.) so they might be a bit more forgiving.

    Just my view, as someone who is also very new to MP.

  • gbortogborto Registered Users Posts: 33
    For VC you'll need to rely on a few Specialized units to do specific jobs while supporting them with fodder and Magic.

    Some examples might be a mixed grave guarda/zombie frontline suportes by a corpse Cart, a blood Knight squad supporting by dire wolfs/ bats or Black Knights (depending on the purpose of the squad in question) and a bat/terrorgheist airforce.

    Since vamps usually have issues aghainst large, armored singles entities, you woud do well to have a squad of blood Knights or terrorgheists for every match up that contains sutch units.

    When thinking Magic, while invocation of nehek is a great spell you shoudnt overrely on It to win your fights, picking apropriate spells for each situation. Some good examples might be curse of years to delay a waagh, Wind of desth to whipe a strong Frontline (but only of the Stars align), a dance macabre to colapse a flank quickly or a mindrazor to Deal with physically resistent units (like an alariele + Phoenix guard box)

    Most of these will become more instinctive as time goes by and you get acostumed to each faction playstyle, but overall this shoud cover most basics of VC play. Also, dont be afraid of experimenting new stuff, you might find use for some obscure units that most people see as trash =b

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