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Frequent Freezing and Crashes

pmwinchester1pmwinchester1 Registered Users Posts: 12

I recently purchased a newer computer, an upgrade over the rig that I've been playing TW:W2 on since it launched. Since getting the new computer, the game will suddenly freeze. Occurs usually when trying to load a "new screen" or interface. Such as post battle, either declaring victory or defeat, or when attempting to level up a character.

The new screen will load for just a moment, then the sound stops, and everything freezes up. About half the time the game recovers, and continues on its way, but about half the time the game just closes. No error, no black screens, or anything else. It just shuts down.

This has occurred on all campaigns that I've tried. It's not picky, nor specific to a single campaign, race, or army. I've attached one of the save game files that I've been using though, just in case.

I have done the following -
Updated drivers for Video Card, CPU, and MB.
Removed, and reinstalled the game.
Ensured that no mods are installed (I have never installed a mod on this PC, and I didn't load any games from my old PC onto this new PC)
Ensured that my VC is not overclocked, and turned down the default graphic settings (most were on ultra by default) to one lower level.

v1.5.0 Build 8774.1520175

The most frustrating part is that this newer computer has far better performance than my previous machine, which didn't have near the problems just running the game that this one does. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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