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Total War based off the Witcher?

matysha5979matysha5979 Posts: 1Registered Users
What do you all think of a total war based off the witcher series? factions like Nilfgaard, temeria, rivia, ect?


  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Posts: 1,210Registered Users
    I love the series and could see it working with a lot of modifications but not sure in CA would get the IP.
  • FossowayFossoway Posts: 2,399Registered Users
    The author of the Witcher books is known for his absolute disdain for video games. He's convinced that it's his books that made the video game popular, not the reverse. Just recently he filed a court procedure against CD Projekt Red to swindle money from them. Basically, he sold them the rights, but he asked for money up front instead of a % (he got like 9 000 $) because he thought the game was going to fail. CDPR actually offered him a %, but he refused at the time. Now, being an ungrateful ****, he's suing them for millions.

    All in all, a TW Witcher game is very unlikely. CDPR currently has the rights for witcher video games, and even if they relinquish it, I doubt the author would give it to another gaming company.
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,371Registered Users
    He most certainly would.

    The guy was such an idiot, that CDPR basically stole the thing. Instead of royalties, he wanted a pittance for it, and he got it. Now he's seen how dumb that decision was, hence the lawsuit. :)

    Very few people turn down money they know they can get, and the big outfits would be fighting tooth and nail to get it from him if he manages to get it back.
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