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Ideas to make Rampage more interesting

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Registered Users Posts: 306
So I noticed that quite some people like the idea of Slann having an effect on Rampage, and I wanted to share my own ideas on how that could be implemented. Basically All Saurus Lords would make Rampaging units more powerful, while Slann Lords would make them resistant to Rampage while also giving them Frenzy (thus motivating you to keep up the Cold Blooded boon on your units to keep that buff up):

Slann Lord (Including Mazdamundi): Slann Lords will give your army Mapwide Resistance to Rampage (less likely to proc), as well as give them Frenzy. This so symbolize their Zealous devotion to their Slann Lords, and also give you a different reason to use Cold Blooded, namely to keep your units their Leadership high enough to benefit from Frenzy.

Oldblood Lord (Including Kroq'Gar): Your Saurus Lord would give your army a Mapwide boon that triggers once your units start rampaging. This would grant them Replenishment in Combat (Like the "Hunger" trait, but only while rampaging) in addition to their increased attack speed (I believe their attack speed is significantly increased while rampaging?) while they are rampaging.

Keep in mind that once your Lord dies, your army will lose these boons. And without the Cold Blooded Healing your Lords will be a lot more vulnerable. Hence why it would eventually balance itself out.

On that note, perhaps you could give some love to the Slann? Even with this Mapwide boon (less likely to Rampage, Frenzy), they are supposed to be the best spellcasters bar none. Perhaps you could:
1) lower the Cooldown on Shield of the Old Ones, and allow it to block all projectiles (even allied).
2) Give the Generic Slann Lord Mazdamundi's Higher State of Conciousness skill.
3) Give The Generic Slann Lord (after they gain the bound Banishment spell, in the same tree) Arkhan his old Healing (and resurrecting) and damage aura. And allow players to pay for that as an extra trait in Custom Battles.
4) Give the Slann Lords a skill at level 18 that passively lowers their Spell's costs and Cooldown: -1/-2 Winds of magic cost (-2/-3 for Overcast) on all spells, -15 seconds additional Cooldown on all of their spells, and may be activated to reset all of their Abilities and spells (90 second cooldown). This may then be bought for additional points in Custom battles.
5) Give the Slann Lords access to all (or most) of their unique Campaign Skils in Custom matches. This includes their resistances, Regeneration, Reduced Miscast chance, and improved Winds of Magic.To compensate him for being such a big fat target.
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