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Item/Equipment trading through diplomacy

YukisunaYukisuna Registered Users Posts: 5
Hello. I am very new to the total war series. My friend bought me Warhammer 2 in the hopes he could get me into the series, as i am very very bad with strategy games and have always been very afraid of trying them.

The game turned out to be very beginner friendly and im enjoying it a lot. But i noticed that coop lacks something very important - the ability to trade or sell items to other factions.

Most notably, i have gotten a follower that reduces the price and buffs the rank of infantry from the empire - when i am playing bretonnia. This is an item i will never be able to use, that my friend would benefit a lot from.

Similarly, i later recieved a weapon that buffs ranged heroes - something my faction does not have either. Meanwhile my friend seems to have witch hunter heroes, that i believe use guns or maybe crossbows. They would benefit a lot from this weapon, whereas its a waste of space for me.

I think the game could benefit a lot from doubling down on the RPG aspect from the Warhammer series. Trading lord and hero items would go a long way to making multiplayer a lot more fun for players, freeing up space in inventories, allowing you to customize your hero even further and also serving as a potential source of income / oathgold for dwarves that enjoy forging.
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