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Rise of the Empire

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A United Reikland

The fate of humanity lay in its own hands, not satisfied with the threat posed by the races inhabiting lands afar, their own internal power struggle would leave the Empire harbouring a civil war with Karl Franz mustering what forces remained loyal to him in an effort to defeat the Successionists and reunite Reikland under Empire rule.

Altdorf remained the base for Karl Franz to front his campaign, Successionist forces had succeeded in gaining a controlling stake in Grunburg, Eilhart and Helmgart, the Empire had a 3 front war to wage.....

Grunburg would be the first settlement to fall back into the Empires hands. A battle won with few losses as the organised forces of Karl Franz would rout those fighting for a cause less known. Yet the spoils of war would be short-lived, the hub of the Empires renaissance would be threatened as forces from Middenland would offer their support to the Successionists and they would march on toward Altdorf. The Empire had one chance to rebuff this move and under the leadership of Karl Franz, the Empire forces mustered at Bloodpine Woods in an effort to ambush their enemy and stop any threat to Altdorf before it began.

Over 2000 men would square off in a rain soaked wood, the Empire had the element of surprise on their side and would press home that advantage, swamping the Successionists from both sides, causing mass confusion and mass casualties. As the Middenland forces fled the field, the Successionists appeared and immediately saw the bloody scene ahead of them. The steel of the Empire had the thirst for more and Karl Franz wheeled his men to face the 2nd army.

This battle would play out as the first, Halberdiers, Swords and Guns all took their aim and carved yet more flesh in front of them. The Empire was flexing its strength, if there was to be a watershed moment in the recent history of the Empire, this was to be it. They had taken Grunburg, slaughtered those threatening Altdorf and now had the rest of Reikland in its sights.

With Emperor Karl Franz leading the way, he would rely on his fellow Generals to play a role in reclaiming Reikland as Rickard Bierne and Arch Lector Nicolas Holz would lead their armies into West Reikland to take on the Successionists encamped in Eilhart and Helmgart. Inevitably blood would be shed, the Empire gave the rebels a chance to fall back into line, but they had gone to far, they continued to hope for full control of the Empire under their terms.... they would be wrong.

It was now with deadly precision that the Empire would sheer their way into the settlements they craved. The Successionist forces met them man to man in the field of battle, but they were no match for the hearty Empire warriors. Inspired by the victories in the East, Holz and Bierne led their men toward yet more reward, this time taking no mercy on the traitors. The Empire would first overthrow those in Eilhart, before butchering the remaining defectors in Helmgart. It was a waste of human life, but a necessity for Karl Franz and the Empire, he now had full control of Reikland and a foothold in to which to spread the will of Sigmar.

Fellow human lands now held the Empire in higher esteem, trade deals, non aggression pacts and more were signed as Karl Franz shored up the borders to his North.... but it was never going to be about furthering their conquests in the Empire, an old foe loomed large... the Greenskins were rampaging their way through land and sea. A WAAAGH led by Skarsnik would be the next threat to the Empire and Reikland. Karl Franz needed to muster further forces as a Greenskin war would be inevitable.


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    Feeling Green

    Peace never lasts long and that rang true for Karl Franz and his forces, as the rumoured WAAAGH would see Skarsnik lead his merry band of Greenskins to the borders of Reikland. Nuln and Middenland had fallen into the hands of the vast swaths of Orcs and Goblins, as they readied their ramage into the Empire.

    With the Emperor currently in Altdorf, he would send Rickard Bierne and Arch Lector Nicolas Holz to deal with the impending threat, yet rather than sit and wait for Skarsnik to lead his men toward Grunburg, Holz and Bierne pressed forward to Nuln and would initiate first contact with their foe.

    The first battle pitched outside Nuln saw the Empire roll out artillery, bringing mortars along to face their unsuspecting enemy. Greenskin forces would be rained upon as they raced toward the Empire lines. Many failed to get there, those that did would find themselves out numbered. The Empire had played a trump card, the full force of Skarsnik and his men would be diluted and the Empire would stand strong in the face of the Green Wall.

    Nuln was now free to occupy, the Empire had taken lands they had not prepared for. This played into the hands of the Greenskins still roaming the land and it wasnt long before Rickard Bierne saw his men slaughtered in front of him, before he himself fell in a horrific battle that left the dismembered men of the Empire screaming and choking on their own blood.

    If anyone was to believe that would satisfy the Orcs, then they would be mistaken. Yet more Greenskins charged to join the front, the Empire now weakened sent a further force South in the hope that they could sustain their border. Another battle would take place, 2000 Empire men lined the field ready to face another vast army of Orcs... this time the slaughter was incomprehensible. Both sides would lose a vast amount of men, the Empire would hold Nuln (just) but not without cost.

    1600 men left their lives on the battlefield, the Orcs ran roughshod over the frontline forces, ransacking those manning the mortars and only stopping once they racked up as many if not more losses than the Empire in the bloodiest battle yet.

    The Greenskins may not have been able to bring Nuln back under their control, but they had carved the flesh of over 3000 men across the battlefields of the region. Arch Lector Nicolas Lector called for the Emperor to join him personally to stop the onslaught... the Empire had little time left to prepare for the next attack. Withdrawal back to Reikland may well be their only option, but those left in Nuln? Their fate may yet play out in their nightmares...

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