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Today is my B-Day~ what a beautiful day to praise the Chaos Quartet with a very "Chaotic-Cake"

Gotrek_BeastslayerGotrek_Beastslayer Posts: 1,089Registered Users


* I want to celebrate this special day with this WH3 4Chaos-themed Cake~ in honor to Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Papa Nurgle...ready to ravage, purge and corrupt the WH-World~ *

Be ready, asinine mortals! >:) :D

I want to thank Creative Assembly and all the guys behind Total War: Warhammer trilogy! :) Thank you for the amazing job~

Thank you Rich and Mitch! Your words during the last AMA gave me hope for the WH1 races (and 'cause you said Lizzy vs Skaven LP will have moooaaarrr units than Q&C :D ).
Thank you @Grace_CA, @CA_Ella for keeping us informed with hype and hints~
...There are probably other persons soooo...sorry if i've forgot someone. Thank you too.

* Special thanks to all the members of this Forum! 'Cause without you i can't speculate for the future of the game :D ;) *

~ and dear CA...i've just a simple wish for mah B-Day: could you please add mah pretty-pretty Ghorgon? Ehehe <3 </i>

WH3 fanart logo source ---> https://www.artstation.com/cesede

WH Novels:

- Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy: 10/10
- Gilead's Blood: 8/10
- Riders of the Dead: 9/10
- Empire in Chaos: 9/10
- Mark of Damnation: 7.5/10
- Mark of Heresy: 7/10
- G&F: Trollslayer: 6.5/10
- G&F: Skavenslayer: 9.5/10
- G&F: Daemonslayer: 10/10
- G&F: Dragonslayer: 8/10
- G&F: Beastslayer: 8.5/10
- G&F: Vampireslayer: 7/10
- G&F: Giantslayer: 7.5/10


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