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Why Am I Getting Lower FPS With Overclock GPU?

LestaTLestaT Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3,290
Here's the scenario. I got an old i5 3570 paired with Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ (not LE/SE) version which was a mining card (still got a year warranty and I got if quite cheap).

The card is running 1411 core clock and 2000 mem clock on stock. Using fsp II saga 500w (bought in 2013) to power everything up.

I tried and get a stable overclock at 1436 core and 2150 mem (run kombustor for 30 minutes without fail). When benchmarking using uniengine valley for example I can see a bit fps increase.

Now my question is, when I do benchmark for Warhammer 2 (skaven benchmark) my overclocked setting always show lower fos that stock setting.

Not much, for example I got 34.7 on stock but 34.6 on overclocked. How can this happen? Any trick I should know of where did I go wrong? I'm not expecting much though I hope to maybe gain about 5 fps is enough for me.

I did not try benchmarking other games with the OC setting though since I dont need them. Only Warhammer 2 and maybe until I can get new gen CPU which I believe will get me better performance before TW3K released.

Any ideas why it happened? Anyone have different exoerience when overclocking RX 580?


  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,894
    You're using a crap processor, that's even slower than my 2500K after I overclock it, a dinosaur at this point. Which makes you CPU bound in the extremely CPU intensive game you're benchmarking. When you overclock the 580, you get a marginal bump to how much work it's doing, but your bottleneck isn't the GPU in the first place, so it doesn't accomplish anything positive.

    A tenth of a frame decrease could just be random odds, no two benchmarks will ever be perfectly the same even in a fixed benchmark, the system itself is doing things in the background. It could also be that the card pulls slightly more from the CPU and slows it down in another area, resulting in a lower average as the downspikes from being bound get worse.

    You shouldn't expect a significant improvement anyway. A minor increase to the clock speeds like that, just 2%, wouldn't net you 5 fps, about 15% of your stock performance.

    Just for reference, I get only a little better performance than you do, and I've got a 1080 Ti, which is intended to go into a new system in January or so. It's spanky in low utilization games like Tomb Raider, but for something like Warhammer 2, it might as well be a card with a fourth of it's power. That system you're working with is severely inadequate.
  • LestaTLestaT Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,290
    I actually tried many times, not just one time benchmarking.

    The max I can go is 1441 core with 2000 mem but dont play much at that speed because my pc always crash after hour playing game.

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