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What Total War games should I buy?

AivearcAivearc Posts: 4Registered Users
edited November 2018 in Total War General Chat
I'm thinking I should buy either Medieval II, Napoleon, Rome II(+ all DLC), or Atilla (+all DLC), and I am not sure whether I should wait for better winter sales, or I should buy one, two, three, or all of them. I cannot decide. Thank you! (btw, I currently just have Empire: Total War)
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  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,686Registered Users
    Primarily I would say that you should ask yourself which historical period of warfare interests you the most.

    If you have found that you really enjoy ETW, than Napoleon will give you a more focused and refined version of that game, that is arguably better. It's still my favorite Total War game.

    You could consider the Shogun 2 series which is pretty fun, especially the 'Fall of the Samurai' standalone expansion, which features the most modern period and technology yet featured in the series, including breechloading rifles, ironclads, breechloading artillery, torpedo boats, naval offshore bombardments in land battles, and even Gatling guns, though it is only limited to the Japanese home islands.

    Rome II with all the DLC is now a very good and quite diverse game, with content stretching from the Peloponnesian War (431 BC-401 BC; also the earliest period TW has covered) with the Wrath of Sparta campaign, through to the Crisis of the 3rd Century (starting 270 AD) with the Empire Divided campaign.

    Attila is an alright game, but it didn't pull me in the same way Rome II did, but the existing content is pretty good and somewhat diverse, going from the final stages of the Western Roman Empire through to the earlier middle ages with the Age of Charlemagne campaign pack.

    The one I would recommend the least would be Medieval II, as dealing with the pope in campaign is just such a headache, but the kingdoms DLC campaigns can be some pretty good fun, especially now that they are free with the base game.

    Finally, someday you could consider the First Rome Total War, as it still a classic, and currently offers the only way of playing as Alexander the Great officially in the TW series with the 'Alexander' expansion.

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    I'm skipping TW: Warhammer
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 1,879Registered Users
    I think Shogun 2 rarely disappoints..
  • TheGreatPamphletTheGreatPamphlet Posts: 109Registered Users
    Medieval II comes first. When modded, it provides an amazing experience that the extremely boring Rome II or Attila cannot even remotely approach. Napoleon is only worth it with mods, while Shogun is overrated.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 1,879Registered Users

    Medieval II comes first. When modded, it provides an amazing experience that the extremely boring Rome II or Attila cannot even remotely approach. Napoleon is only worth it with mods, while Shogun is overrated.

    Medieval 2 is showing its age, it's ok for a quick play but Shogun 2 beats it on almost everything. The multiplayer is head and shoulders above.
  • TheGreatPamphletTheGreatPamphlet Posts: 109Registered Users
    Each on his own, but Medieval II is much better in retinue/trait system, moddability, faction variety, late-game challenge, smoother battles, distance-to-capital mechanic and overall immersion.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Posts: 1,879Registered Users
    I much prefer the ability to upskill your characters, the immersion to me is better in Shogun due to the graphical/sound style, cultural events. I never found MTW2 that challenging. I'm not sure what 'smooth' means in reference to battles but I prefer the Shogun 2 battles. The graphical quality is so obvious between the 2 games. MTW2 is a good game but it isn't the marvel some claim.
  • HichigoCzHichigoCz Posts: 5Registered Users
    Hello i need help. When i try to Log in on Total war acces nothing happens. I write my email my password and when i click sing in then nothing happens. Dou you know how to repair it?
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