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20fps with RTX 2080

Paddy234Paddy234 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 396
Hey i recently just purchased a RTX 2080 and running the benchmark on ultra settings at 1440p i got an average of 74fps with dx11 which i was happy with. The problem is however when i play actual battles as soon as i hover over a moshpit of units the Fps will drop from 60-40-20fps. It's horrendous performance. I have 16gb ram and an intel I7 6700k cpu therefore i know it's not being bottlenecked. How can there be such a performance drop and are there any fixes for this?

Previous total war games had similar issues but they can't keep putting out games that can't remain stable during battles. I would like to know other peoples experiences and if they resolved it as it could be driver issues which i have the newest ones installed or poor optimization or simply a series of bugs. I'd really like to resolve this, thanks.


  • luyspauloluyspaulo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 16
    edited February 2019
    I have I7 4770k and an RTX 2060. In total war games, with extreme quality, my video card uses only 50% of its capacity and the CPU at most 40%. If we depend on CA support, we who acquire an RTX will never play total war again.
  • davidfrkdavidfrk Registered Users Posts: 1
    Yeah luyspaulo looks exactly like that. Three kingdoms coming and I will not even consider buying since none of the recent Total Wars are running in rtx cards. CA we need a fix and I am really disappointed to have to wait months for a solution.
  • Bearhugger80Bearhugger80 Registered Users Posts: 3
    i get low fps also, but only with AA activated (about 20 fps).
    With no AA or FXAA I get 70 to 80 fps.

    This happens with the latest NVIDIA driver...

    Try that. (I have an 1070)

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