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More info in tactical view

FipmipFipmip Registered Users Posts: 1
I personally think tactical view is a highly underrated feature and offers a very useful way of seeing what units are where and how they're doing with minimal camera repositioning. it especially helps to instantly jump on rallying units and get them back into battle.

That said, you cant use abilities from this window. there's a certain amount of information missing that requires me to transition in and out of the view, which is disorienting and takes a couple of seconds that could be crucial.

I'd change tactical view with the following:

-allow us to use abilities and spells
-show dim yellow and red dots for individuals, and highlight the dots when mousing over the unit token
-allow for zooming in a little more, to help separate unit tokens in scraps.
-do not allow unit tokens to overlap, instead giving some simple physics to the ui to make unit tokens equally press up against each other rather than hide eachother. One example of this happening in a game is star wars empire at war, where fighters dogfighting would have their icons slot next to eachother rather than continue to swirl erratically.

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