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Skaven LL idea’s and locations possible mechanics (Lizardmen Skaven DLC Speculation)

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here comes my Skaven discussion little less stuff since there is only 1 LL left

Lord 1: Ikit Claw
Essentially a mecha cyborg rat with a warpfire thrower arm. Current favorite of the possible lords
fits well with likely new units for the skaven DLC (ratling gun/warplock Jessails)

Possible rites: something with Ikit’s Claws personal goal to create the doomsphere (warpstone nuke)
Kinda wish his campaign centered around him trying to create it and the lizardmen lord trying to stop him (somewhat like the promotional video of the Queen and the Crone DLC over the sword of Kaine)
Could have a Doomwheel as a mount since he invented it (also since CA always likes to give Lords a mount option)

Location vortex: wellsprings of life
It’s the starting position for Clan Skryre in the vortex
Mortal empires: Skavenblight

Lord 2: Thanquol
Thanquol’s appearance himself is quite varied but he is like a beefed up Gray Seer with his iconic Boneripper
Lorewise, He was actually sent on a mission to find and kill the prophet of Sotek. (think he is second most likely lord)
It’ll be nice to have a Skaven LL with a lore Friendly mount

Locations: He could possibly take over Clan Skryre’s locations of possibly take over Clan Eshin’s location for the vortex. This Rat could go anywhere.
Would be cool if he started at a Rat Lair (Skaven pirate cove) at Altdorf as to kind of like Under Altdorf.

Lord 3: Throt the Unclean
3-armed mutant rat that controls Clan Moulder
If CA was to make Packmaster heroes, he would be the supped up version. (could have them like Alith Anar) he could also fit if CA gave the Skaven more hellpit monsters.
Could also be a unique lord if possible.
Location Vortex: Clan Moulder starts in the vortex extremely close to Kroc Gar and Queek and means he may need to move location
Mortal empires: Hellpit

Other changes.
Generic lord: Verminlords
Good centerpiece large unit for the Skaven. Could be unlocked through rites or other special means during the campaign.
Packmaster hero
A hero unit that buffs monsters like strengthening their leadership or armor.
Skaven lairs
Just like the pirate lords but for Skaven and can be everywhere. Have some building for food which could lead to negative growth

Feel free to add anything

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