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ETW: Mod idea involving forts

norseaxenorseaxe Posts: 402Registered Users
I came back to Empire one of my favorite time periods in history. I was wondering if this idea was even possible to do. My idea is if you build a wooden fort you get 500 gold and 10 happiness in region and for stone fort you get 1000 gold and 15 happiness per region. I was thinking if you capture a fort in a region that region loses gold and happiness and if your fort gets captured you lose happiness and gold this way you can cause rebellions in regions. I was thinking if you conquer a region you can build a fort to bring up happiness in region so you don't have to garrison for years to bring up happiness. I was thinking just limit one fort per region. I don't know if someone could program AI to attack and build forts though. I think this idea if someone was willing to try to mod it would make a pretty good campaign experience would make forts worthwhile. I know forts were a big deal in history but this game they mean nothing unfortunately thanks.
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