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Ghz newbie question

ChrisTWChrisTW Posts: 74Registered Users

Let me tell you something about a weird experience i had on my p.c. last wkend... I'm running a xeon x5650 coupled with a 1050ti for the " lighter " games and a 1060 for lets say a total war warhammer. Last wkend i tried to run a rts from another developer but whatever i tried i couldn't let it run fluent ... to make a long story short ... the solution turned out to be for me to increase my idle load values, usually around 1,5 ghz to atleast 2,4 ghz which was exactly the required value that was stated by the developer to make the game run exactly as i wanted it to be .... This in its self started a wild search where i suddenly started with comparing the cpu requirements given by the developers.. again to make a long story short.. most modern games ask of you to have a cpu with a baseline frequency of atleast 3,5 ghz , my xeon's baseline frequency is 2,1 ghz .... Does this mean that i should always increase xeon with and o.c. of 1,4 ghz to get the most out of every game?
My fear is that most games would run but limit calculations that are precisily the calculations any serious gamer woulnd't want lacking or does my xeon provide another option because of it being a 12 treaded machine?


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,983Registered Users
    This sounds like a power management problem, actually.

    Your Xeon should be able to run at least one core at the boost clock frequency, indefinitely, unless you have a design problem in either the chip, or the cooling setup, and it's over heating.

    If however, your system is using some green power setup, that can cause major problems. Low power management settings in Windows can cause you very poor performance, and some Bios settings can absolutely murder you.

    It's certainly not a great processor for gaming at stock frequencies, but as long as your power management is fine, you should be fine for most things. You're well beyond the LGA1366 performance levels you can get from the top i7 for the chipset.
  • ChrisTWChrisTW Posts: 74Registered Users
    Its not that weird a line of thinking... If you sometimes see how the a.i. reacts on laptops or i3's ...

    anyway.... thanks for thinking along. I don't perceive the above mentioned expirience as a power management problem. it is really the only game where i need to O.C. Total War Warhammer 2 runs fine on my non oc'd machine and so do Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Simcity 2013, Order of Battle, Skyrim just to name a few..

    I'm thinking of a situation maybe similair to the graphics degradation... where you can run warhammer on the same settings on two devices.. a poor one and a rich one and where the same setting on the rich machine looks and feels completely different...
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,983Registered Users
    The specific game having a problem may be a matter of faulty detection. Some software throttles back it's demands based on available resources, and has been improperly designed to read a current or minimum power state, and so glitches it's ****.

    Which is one of the reasons I have a 100% minimum power state on any computer I set up, because between poor performance, and bad software glitching out, anything else is an irritation I don't need.

    "Green" bios settings tend to be performance impacting as well.
  • ChrisTWChrisTW Posts: 74Registered Users
    and still i wonder... i have played Rome II for many years on my i7 920 without any problems but still with many many weird a.i. descissions... could i have prevented those if i would have oc'd my 4 core up too atleast 4 ghz.. which would led to an idle score of around 2,4 ghz.. i mean i name this ratio because recommend processor for that game is a 2d gen i5.. if you take the i5 2400 you will find a processor that's 30% faster then a i7 920.... and with my recent discovery that idle loads sometimes can be taken into account of running a game proper.... Ofcourse i do hope i'm dreaming here ... CA loves to show around with their optimized for i7 badge soo

    My new way of ocing btw involves letting everything stand on auto and only adjust BCLK and Ratio
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