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If number of threads is an indication of popularity Shogun 2 seems to be far more popular

alstlalstl MemberPosts: 313Registered Users
than Fall of the Samurai. I'm curious why that is the case.


  • wunderb0rwunderb0r Junior Member Posts: 366Registered Users
    Base games often have more players than dlc/expansions
  • chonamanchonaman Posts: 5Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    I haven't played FotS, but I may eventually. RotS/Shogun 2 are almost mythical campaigns in the sense that they were times in which Japan was largely untouched and virtually unknown by most cultures. The purity of ancient Japan and the beauty of the culture are uniquely expressed in these campaigns.

    I think many players love the RPS aspects of battling in early games of Shogun 2 - much like the "old days" when Age of Empires/Age of Kings was wildly popular. These elements are hard to duplicate in FotS where firearms are a primary weapon and the early modern world is knocking down the doors to your homeland. I'm guessing FotS was not as popular in Japan and Asia - kind of a dystopian period in Japanese history.
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