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SolvedVery bad performances after the New DLC

MrKaiserMrKaiser Posts: 2Registered Users
edited December 2018 in Performance & Graphics
Hi guys, i have a biiiiiiiiiiig problem here
So this is the first time it happened to me, during summer everything was fine, and now it's BROKEN, i can't play the game, ltry, i'm between 20 and 30 fps EVERYTIME, i tried multiple solutions, but it seems it's the game fault,

My PC:

And i tried multiple options and it's always the same, i'm between 20 and 30 fps everytime! wich is strange!
What happened ?! I played the game before Curse of the Vampire Coast with the same PC and everything was fine ! I could play the game at 60 fps with very good settings ! And now it's impossible to play !

Even in other games, everything's fine!

i need help >:(

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  • CA_HamishCA_Hamish Posts: 106Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, SEGA
    Hi @MrKaiser

    Sorry to hear you have encountered this performance drop in the recent update.

    Thank you for providing all the information.

    Firstly, I can see you are running multiple mods. I would recommend to uninstall the mods and see if you still have the performance drop. During updates some mods can be outdated and conflict with game data, causing a wide range of issues. Definitely would be the first thing to check!

    Secondly, I can also see you are running DX12 on a Nvidia GPU. I would advise that DX12 is still in beta and during our performance tests, DX11 ran smoother on Nvidia GPU's compared to DX12.

    Let us know how you get on

    CA_Hamish :)
  • MrKaiserMrKaiser Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    Hi Hamish, thank you for you help, so this time i uninstalled every mods i had, and it's... better

    Now i can play at High settings, around 35 - 45 FPS ( with DirectX11 or DirectX12 )

    it's still worse than before the new DLC, it's unstable, but now i can play...

    Thank you, i hope we'll get an uptade for performances issues.

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