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What happened to Arena, why is it shutting down, hasn't it been only out for a few months?

Coldone666Coldone666 Posts: 610Registered Users
I didn't play it cause i have no interest in phone games but it looked cool.

Was it not popular and costing them to much money to keep the servers up?


  • MakoTheMakoMakoTheMako Posts: 1,246Registered Users

    I didn't play it cause i have no interest in phone games

    Answered your own question.

    die about it

  • CanuoveaCanuovea Posts: 12,570Registered Users, Moderators
    Was Arena a phone game?
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  • HoneyBunHoneyBun Senior Member Posts: 4,155Registered Users
    I think it was an MP game. And thst caused CA some issues as both of the MP players were already playing WH.

    They are making an FPS. Who knew a company could have a mid-life crisis ...

  • yx3768031yx3768031 Posts: 98Registered Users
    Arena is not phone game. I think the mobile version is called total war kingdoms.
  • TotalBorehammerTotalBorehammer Posts: 780Registered Users

    I didn't play it cause i have no interest in phone games but it looked cool.

    Was it not popular and costing them to much money to keep the servers up?

    Why are you posting this in the Warhammer section? :/
    CA have a Facebook page... use the comments section of their posts and express your thoughts on ME poor quality/delays etc https://www.facebook.com/CreativeAssembly/ :)
  • KrilralKrilral Member Posts: 908Registered Users
    According to the FAQ the open beta "didn't meet expectations". Presumably those expectations were player numbers.

    It's a shame really. I'll admit I never played it, but it seemed like a good way to try and bring new players into strategy gaming.
  • XeirXeir Senior Member PolandPosts: 21Registered Users, Smiley
    edited December 2018

    Total War arena was created and showed to community in early 2015 at steam version, was live for year or someting like that. Later have been turned off for almost year without almost any bigger explanation and back one day under the wings of wargaming and under this wings is going to be closed in early 2019.


    It was to ambitious project for to small team for most of time its existence. There were also many conceptual experiments that have failed and was creating more complicated issues to deal with. ( Making completly Free to play game was part of it )
    The database of players also turned out to be overly picky since it had to many of users from different places and each of them demanded someting else and was leaving game without that.

    So in end

    Base of users was not growing or staying at hight ceiling in connection with 3 years vitality at mmorpg market what should be enough of time to make solid profits from the database of regular players or make most of interesed people test it. Resulted in the collapse of the project. (Many mmo projects are currently dying after year or two )

    However, his legacy will live in other games of the series because in the skin of this experiment was created the best optimized total war with servers able to maintain a large player base online many experiments turned out to be very good in example of holding community at discord and building there a community which is active until today.

    And this is only point of view of player. For total war arena developers it was 3 years of learning about maintaining and creating mmo game what in future can only improve your future titles or create new projects in incoming years.

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