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Rig Update to play decently W2TW

AdaenorAdaenor Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello Friends,

I am looking for some advice with my playing rig. I admit that I am no good with Hardware...

The fact is, when looking at youtube gameplay videos i feel jealuos of those battles as I can only run at 'medium' the game... so, i have decided to make an investment to update my rig, hopefully without major purchases.

This is my rig at the moment:

CPU: i3-4330 @3,5 GhZ
GPU: Nvidia GTX750 4GB
Motherboard: B85M-D3H
O.S: Windows 7

Then, what do you recommend? I am thinking to buy a new GPU together with an SSD, but i don't know if a 1050 or a 1060 will fit my i3...

Thanks for your feedback in advance!!!


  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,036
    Your processor is pretty severely dated, and at that age, an i3 is way below standards. It's about time to retire that poor thing and get a new computer.

    You can get better performance, significantly faster loading times with a mid range ssd would greatly improve your experience, but your ability to go beyond medium graphics is going to be severely hampered by the massive cpu load. You'll never achieve smooth game play at ultra with that old dual core processor, regardless of what GPU you got.

    There are plenty of people using the high end i7's from that generation of hardware, and doing just fine with high and ultra detail, but they have well over twice the processing power of that thing. If you can get one free, or near free, you could upgrade the processor with a 4790, or 4790K(although you can't utilize it's overclock with the B series chipset, it's quite a bit faster at stock speeds) and get another year or two out of the system.

    It's cheaper in the long run to just get a new system though. You can put together an i5 8600k, or 9600k system, for twice what you'll spend upgrading, even if you get a free used CPU from someone doing an upgrade.

    A GTX 1060 or RX 580 should be a minimal purchase on the graphics card side of things, and you probably wont be doing ultra with them. You're looking at $400-500 for the SSD and GPU side of things, and you can get a new mid range processor, motherboard, and ram, for about the same.
  • AdaenorAdaenor Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi psychoak,

    Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately I cannot afford right now a new rig.

    I have investigated during this time some 2nd handed GPUs and I have found some good deals for a GTX970 that i might give it a try.

    For 80 € I might be able to live a little bit better, some benchmarks say that it is about more than 50% my performance.

    I will post the result if I manage to get my hand on the HW. If not then i will start saving for a new rig when W3TW is launched :smile:

  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,036
    You need to poke around in there and find out what your power supply is rated for.

    The GTX 750 only has a TDP of 55W, a GTX 970 on the other hand is 120W, a 1060 is even higher at 144W, so before you get any kind of card upgrade in there, you need to make sure Dell weren't cheap bastards, and put an at load PSU into the system, instead of aiming for the 50-75% sweet spot they should have.
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