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Wood elves in ME and general WE changes

LoreBaneLoreBane Registered Users Posts: 33
I have been playing through a campaign with wood elves since the Vampire coast and noticed some things and have some change suggestions.

- The Galleons Graveyard gets 0 garrison, wood elf garrisons are pretty bad anyway at ports as there's no way to upgrade but 0 seems a bit harsh.

- Sartosa can be upgraded like an Athel loren city so costs amber but can only build outpost buildings, it has a port and a winery I think so can get 6 buildings even though it has slots for 9. Not sure what the idea is for it, I would have thought it would be better for it to be like Miragliano or Skavenblight and have 2 slots and a better garrison or be a full Athel loren type city.

- Spellsinger buildings; can we please have at least +2 recruitment capacity on level three spellsinger building (+1 per building level would be even better). It's irritating that the most spellsingers you can get appears to be 5-8 (1 per Athel loren city +1 not sure why, maybe +2-3 from Lothern, Avelorn and the Bowmen of Oreon cities, I don't know if they all act like Athel loren cities)

- Garrisons; Considering the Amber mechanic and the penalties for negative amber, it would be nice if the garrisons were a little better as standard, 2 Eternal Guard with Shields, 2 Wardancers and 2 Deepwood Scouts/Glade Guards are something that could defend a little better and still not be unbalanced. It's rare to defend against much of anything with 3 Dryads and 2 Deepwood scouts, even with 3 Dryads, 2 Deepwood Scouts, 2 Treekin, 2 Warhawks and a Great Eagle when you have the waystone building its a struggle against most midgame armies. I don't think its a huge problem, but a little buff isn't going to break the balance either.

- Legendary lords; 1 or 2 new ones would be really nice. My own preference is Sisters of Twilight and Ariel. Maybe upgrade Daith to a not quite LL would be nice like Alastair the White Lion, The Red Duke and Boris Todbringer.

- The Amber mechanic; most people don't seem to like it the way it is, personally I'm not that bothered, I like that WE can occupy any settlement and I wouldn't want to lose that in order to change the Amber mechanic. It is annoying that it is quite so easy to get badly stuffed if your Amber goes negative because you lose an outpost or 2, especially as it is easy to take the outposts as their garrisons are weak.

Thanks for reading my gibbering, I'm sure some or all has been mentioned by other people, but as it seems CA will be doing some changes with the WE at some point I thought I would mention some of the things that I think could do with being looked at.


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