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Family Tree - What Family Name Gets Passed Down?

So I have a question. When your family members have children which family name gets passed down? Like when a Brutus or a Scipio family member has a kid why doesn't the name (ex. Brutus) gets passed down to there kid? Because what happens is when their kid is born they get a completly different last name other than Brutus, etc

In Rome 1 the family gets passed down through each generation kid after kid but what I noticed now is completely different in Rome 2. Instead of the Brutus, etc names being passed down the family tree you get some other random name being passed down each time I'm the tree.

Is there a reason for that? I'm a little confused. Personally I liked when the Brutus, Scipio, or Julius got passed down through the family tree like in Rome 1. Sorry for the random question it's just been bothering me. Because I feel like I was a little more connected to the characters/family tree when the said same family names got passed downdown through the generations instead of random last names being passed down. Is there a reason for that? Or am I missing something? Jw thanks

Also I think I posted this same discussion in the wrong thread at first but I think this is the right area this time I hope lol thanks :)
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