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Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms/Britannia Campaign - Rule Britannia 1.7V mod CTD

Octavian80Octavian80 Registered Users Posts: 6
Hello.! I found this mod for MTW2 Kingdoms Britannia Campaign the "Rule Britannia".! I play with the Scots and when i try to siege a city of the Rebels or other nation like the Barons alliance it CTD with a message that MTW2 have an error or something so it stuck there i can hear the music and i get to open the task manager to end the game.! If i play the siege auto i am cool, but as you guys can see i want to play most of my battles.! In a classic battlefield battle it does not give me a CTD.! I applied a Scots fix and had copy/paste in the folder the mods guys say.! I just can't play the sieges.! My rig is 1080TI 11GB, I/7 8700K 6 cores 3.7 and 16 GB DDR4 and i play the games 4K but this 2K because it does not let me choose 4K it downgrade it in the options menu every time.! I have all the newest drivers for my GPU/CPU/Motherboard and i play it with Win 10x64.! Thanks in advance and i hope there is a solution or a workaround .!?? Before you say why you post there and not to the mods site i posted there too but they have not answer to me so i will try my luck here too...!

Well with the English i can't siege too the same problem..!
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