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Suggestion or idea for a Empire 2 total war game

GeneralstonewallGeneralstonewall Posts: 6Registered Users
I loved Empire total war. To lead the British empire to conquer the world or fight the good fight that started a nation and defeat a once proud superpower. The colonial era is one of my favorite time periods in history. Empire total war was a great game all around. The one issue I had was how the artillery wasn’t that effective, and very slow reload times for artillery. Than Napoleon total war came out, The sequel to empire total war. Which I also loved. They greatly improved artillery’s effectiveness in Napoleon. Now I’m going to jump to Rome 2 total war and Attila total war. Prior to those games you could only lead a few thousand troops. Now you can lead tens of thousands of troops. Now empire total war was the first game to introduce real time navel combat into the series. I really like how in Rome 2 and Attila they expanded navel warfare a bit to where now you can do real time sea to land invasions and coastal city sieges by land and sea. The American civil war mod you can get for empire total war also was really cool. Now with everything I just mentioned. This a suggestion of a Empire 2 total war game what I’d like to see in this game. First off time period and tech. I’d like it to start at pre American revolution like it did in the first game. So it extend into the time of American revolution than to the Napoleonic Wars and than it’ll end right after the American civil war. That’s the time frame I’d like to see and how the technology would progress. Say navy wise at the start of a campaign you got rate of the line sail ships. As time and your tech tree progress. You can eventually work your way up to civil war era ironclad warships. Or obviously early units start with flintlock muskets but again as time and tech progresses you move up to concussion cap muskets and rifles. And than at the end of the tech tree you could get breach loaded sharps rifles and repeating Henry rifles. Another thing I’d like to see in this game is to be able to lead vastly larger armies like you can in Rome 2 and Attila. Also I want sea to land invasions! Launch your troops from your fleet of warships where they go on land using row boats. Also coastal sea fort sieges. Where you can do a combined land and sea assault on the fort. Having your land army assault it land side and also have your navy bombard it. At the same time launch an amphibious assault. I’d keep it at the same theaters of war as the first Empire total war. Same nation as the first. Just add the union army and the confederate army if you progress through an American campaign. Also I’d want artillery to have the Napoleon total war edge. Well that’s my idea for a Empire 2 total war game. I hope that we may see this game at some point in the future. Feel free to comment back. I’d like to here what everybody thinks. Thanks.


  • norseaxenorseaxe Posts: 402Registered Users
    I always wanted an empire total war 2 game. I was thinking starting at 1700 with war of Spanish succession, war of austrian succession, seven years war, American revolutionary war, jacobite rebellion, war of polish succession, so many wars and revolutions in a short period of time. I still play empire just with mods because original vanilla game is so buggy we can only dream huh lol.
  • ac370ac370 Posts: 5Registered Users
    Victoria total war must be cool,It’s include American Civil War,The Franco-Prussian War,Boer War,Anglo–Afghan War ,Crimean War, Anglo-Chinese War,The Sino-Japanese War,Russo-Japanese War,New units, map,culture.I am from China ,I wish CA can do it,This is the most important era for the modern world.
  • DartheconomistDartheconomist Posts: 1Registered Users
    Full worldmap please!
  • TwoDogs6531TwoDogs6531 Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    I loved the original and play it with Darth Mod. An updated version would be a welcome download. More historically based games as opposed to fantasy would be preferred.
  • IspanetsIspanets Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi folks,
    Is there a chance to see Empire 2 Total War in the nearest future?
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