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New wave of crashes.

kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
New crash for me, happened today. Got punished as always, no hope for restoring points, no hope for fixing bug atm. If the time comes when you can play without the risk of crash, pm me. Also no crash dump as well, all i've got is replay and apparently it means nothing.


  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Posts: 1,400Registered Users, CA Staff
    Just to clarify, how similar was the crash to this one:


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  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    @CA_Duck very similiar to this one in the clip.
  • Slade_XSlade_X Posts: 99Registered Users

    i'm getting this bug every 7-8 games.
    So it is literally, impossible for me to progress on the ladder, even if i win all my games, i get punished by a "your game stopped unexpectedly bug" and lose 100 places.

    I have removed all my old replays and screen shots as some people have suggested. But this has not fixed the problem.

    The saddest thing is, that i can't even enjoy looking at the after game lobby screen now. To see how my units performed.
    Because i'm worried if i dont press continue straight away, my game will crash.

    This bug really needs to be fixed asap.

    The Only way i can describe the bug, is that after a game, it loads in to the lobby, and the game simply disappears. No error message, no warnings.
    Until you reload of coarse, and then you are penalised.
  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    @Slade_X same thing man, do you have crash report folder in your warhammer app data? CA_Duck is looking for some exemplars of crash dumps. Anyone who has them after this bug sent it here it might help to fix the issue. :/
  • Slade_XSlade_X Posts: 99Registered Users
    So, i have a folder full of crash reports.
    what do you want me to do with them?
    As i cant upload them here
  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    So find the last one which matches time of your crash. If it matches we’ll figure how to upload it tomorrow. Thanks for the answer!
  • Black_PhillipBlack_Phillip Posts: 379Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    I've had it freeze when it says exiting battle in 0 seconds, and had to force close the game. But when I reopened I did not get "the game closed unexpectedly" notification and still go points from my win.

    But I've also had the game close out completely by itself once it hit the battle reults screen a couple times. When that happens I do get the game closing unexpectedly notification upon reopening the game.
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  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    Personally I would turn off this system until all the bugs are fixed. Because in my opinion right now this system punishes good guys way more often than it punishes cheaters of this system. Personally I rarely met someone who abuses quick battles system to save points. If your opponent wants to cheat through some way of crashing he will do it anyway.
  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    @Slade_X if you found right crash report contact me through inbox I’ll give you my email there.
  • PippingtonPippington Posts: 1,892Registered Users
    I got same crash playing TK vs Coast just now. End battle screen loaded, stuttered for a second or two, before I could press Continue it CTDed.

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  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    Looks like this bug becomes more and more often. @CA_Duck if there’s anything we can help with let us know.
  • ystyst Posts: 5,361Registered Users
    Im actually feeling that as well.

    Wins game, immediate crash to desktop.

    Was on the current battlefield page where it says game will end in 8 secs. The one before sending u to result page.
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  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    Anyone who has this issue, attach any files that may help to solve it.
  • ExarchExarch Posts: 575Registered Users

    Anyone who has this issue, attach any files that may help to solve it.

    Attached mine in your support thread yesterday, but may have been a bad idea for visibility:

  • kiruxa2811kiruxa2811 Posts: 55Registered Users
    Yeah i saw your files, probably CA already took a look them. I've got multiple threads about this issue so i'm just telling people everywhere to provide some info.
  • Reubster5Reubster5 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi, it happened to me too (yesterday 17/12)

    Yesterday, my game crashed in the middle of 4 battles; for one my computer encountered an error and had to restart, in the middle of two other games the game closed and then for the fourth just as the battle ended and I clicked end battle the game crashed again.

    As a result my steam profile (Genghis Khan) went from rank 1159 to something around 2289.
  • Slade_XSlade_X Posts: 99Registered Users
    So, this bug seems to happen to me in campaign to. Just started a new campaign with Vcoast and have experienced the same crash bug I get I'm mp. The game freezes for a second after the battle. Then then game simply dissappears. No warning or error message. No crash report is created. When I reload the game and play the same battle again, it works fine.
    It's almost like it does it every few hours.....
  • eumaieseumaies Senior Member Posts: 3,578Registered Users
    I’m getting crashes right after I win games in qb.

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