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Empire LL lost unique buffs + diluting buff line

ArionuqArionuq Posts: 23Registered Users
Volkmar has lost his ability to reduce the cooldown of his warrior priest abilities. Matching greatsword buffs with demigriffs makes it so previous investments in empire infantry are a waste of points. Empire generals are now effectively only a vehicle for griffons. Arch Lectors gain all the same skills but have warrior priest abilities and abilities to buff flagellants. Its all Empire focused stuff but all relevant.

I would like empire generals to have a set of skills Lectors can't get to match the fact lectors can buff flagellants. I guess the warrior priest stuff balances against a griffon. Infantry skills shouldn't pair with cavalry ones. I finish games without demigryphs and now they are tied to greatswords, an arguably essential late game unit.

Volkmar is a Arch Lector with a war altar and slightly different stats. I can't imagine that was a goal.


  • SelakahSelakah Posts: 372Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    I think the skill lines are fine. While matching Greatswords with Demis is a bit awkward, it makes sense when you consider those are two of your main late game units. Once you get your Greatswords to rank 7+, they end up much better than before. Volkmar losing his Second Nature skill is almost certainly an oversight; Grombindal also lost his Flash Bomb skill, also an oversight.

    I do agree the Empire General needs something else. Currently, the only thing the General brings to the table is the Griffon. All they need is two or three additional, unique skills and we are good to go here. The same is true for the Orc Warboss, whose only benefit over the Goblin Great Shaman and the Goblin Warboss is the Wyvern mount. I think CA needs to add a skill or two to these guys. With that said, please don't change the Arch Lector or the Goblin Lords, I think they are in a great spot right now. I never used Arch Lectors before this patch, and now I feel they are finally in a good spot skill-wise. It's just the Generals who need something more unique.

  • ArionuqArionuq Posts: 23Registered Users
    I disagree on the demi-greatsword thing though I see the logic. The biggest struggle for the Empire general is how to buff them to make them unique compared to the Arch Lector. Perhaps give him some unique combat abilities to make him more of a dueling lord? Or give him some unique blue tree style abilities? Not sure, it would seem unit buffing abilities would make him too similar to the Lector.
  • SelakahSelakah Posts: 372Registered Users
    The Empire General really only needs 2 or 3 unique skills and he's set, I think.

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