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Archaon/ Greyed out end turn and save buttons

ThatGingerBastardThatGingerBastard Registered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Warhammer 2

Campaign: Mortal Empires Campaign
Player Faction: Archaon the Everchosen
Mods Active: Steel Faith Overhaul 2 (Latest patch as of 12/17/18 9:30am) and Immersive & Loreful Elf Names
Turn 103 to 104

So I'm at turn 103 as Archaon in Mortal Empires Campaign, I end the turn, it cycles through the AI players as usual, and then it gets to turn 104 and the end turn button is greyed out and I can't interact with any of the armies on screen.

I press escape, the save button is also greyed out, pressing ctrl+S to quicksave doesn't do anything. After I leave the menu screen and go back into the game I can now interact with armies/ in-game menus (i.e. diplomacy ect.), however armies can't be issued any orders/ won't move. I have the option of teleporting into a quest item battle, but pressing the teleport button at this stage crashes the game.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and happy holidays guys! :)

EDIT: Also, tried the "spam ctrl+s just before the AI cycle ends to save and then reload" trick that some have espoused and that doesn't work (i.e. won't save).


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