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Fixed Achievements

FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 3,045
First of all, THANK YOU for fixing the inactive achievements. I am really thankful that you included this fix in this new update.

I'd like to point out something weird, though. One of the inactive achievement, A Taste for War, got drastically changed. It became an achievement for the "This is Total War" challenge, AKA declaring war on all factions as soon as you encounter them:

A Taste for Total War: Playing as any faction, win the game having declared war on every faction in the turn you encountered them, as well as never negotiating a peace treaty.

Now that's all well and good, but that challenge already had a corresponding achievement in the game:

War Without a Breath: Playing as any faction, complete the main campaign by instantly declaring war on newly-encountered factions and without negotiating peace at any point.

So I assume that's just an honest mistake by the person who corrected the inactive achievements. I'm not complaining, but would doing the challenge now unlock both of them?

While I'm at it, 7 achievements are still listed as 0% on steam. Can someone confirm if they're obtainable or not?:
Legendary Defender
Legendary General
Mycel Haeben Here
Western Alliance
Keep Your Friends Close
Keep Your Enemies Closer
Legendary Attacker


  • RhoxOSRhoxOS Registered Users Posts: 31
    Just finished Alfred run, 'Keep Your Friends Close' and 'Under the Thumb' are fixed. Thank you CA for fixing this!

    I had no problem with earning 'Keep Your Enemies Closer' and 'Western Alliance'(This one was damm hard.) with initial version so I don't think that is a bug.

    I'm not so sure about 'Mycel Haeben Here' but faction mechanism haven't been changed. So I assume it's still impossible to meet its requirement.
  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 3,045
    edited December 2018
    Thanks! Mycel Haeben Here was one of the inactive achievements, and it was broken even before it was made inactive. I really hope they fixed it.
  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 3,045
    edited December 2018
    What of the Legendary traits? They did not seem to trigger the achievements either, before.
  • sunshinetroopersunshinetrooper Registered Users Posts: 68
    edited May 2019
    I have two of the legendary traits (attacker and general) but it hasn't triggered an achievement.

    edit: To complete Western Alliance (Strat clut, ally or liberate all Welsh factions), how is this completed? Is it just ally with all Welsh factions alive? Or do I need to bring back all Welsh factions, if so how?
  • LixfeLixfe Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited July 2019
    Well from my playthrough you can only liberate these following welsh factions:

    - Cerneu
    - Gwent
    - Cumbra
    - Strat Clut
    - Gwinned
    - Powis

    But factions as Dewet, Gliwissig, Brechinauc or Seilsilwig cannot be liberate, at least i could not. So if you need to ally all welsh factions, that means that you have to do it early on, when all are maybe still alive, and on top of that, liberate Cumbra.

    I'm still not done with my campaign but if you can get the achivement by liberating all the possible welsh factions, the description is then rather confusing.

    Edit: It works indeed with the welsh faction that can be liberated: so the ones mentioned above at the begining of the comment.
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