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Tomb King Unit Help

OrkLadsOrkLads Posts: 717Registered Users
Having a crack at the Tomb Kings again and doing reasonably well with the standard units (bowshabti, ushabti, tomb scorpions, war sphinxes, etc) but having a tough time effectively using some units.

Has anyone got any tips for how to use:

1. Hierotitans
2. Necropolis Knights (both variants)
3. Sepuchrual Stalkers (standard)
4. Bone Giants

Which match ups are each of these best in?


  • reizennnreizennn Posts: 19Registered Users
    Here are some thoughts about these units:
    1. Hierotitans like any other slow, but powerful monsters (giants, treeman, etc) are great at attrition games. So all you need is to remove enemy ranged and antilarge monsters, and from there just let your hierotitan(s) grind through all other stuff with ease. They can be used in VC matchup, however, I don't like such playstyle.
    2. Necro knights are, in my opinion, just weaker version of demis. Definitely can be used against cavalry-heavy factions, but not with great performance.
    3. Stalkers are not bad as a backline protection tool, but of course eyes of yhe desert are better because they can surprise opponent.
    4. Bone giants are good artillery that is also decent in melee. They are good vs cavalry and at sniping enemy arty. Protect a bone giant with halberds and it will be pain for your enemy if he is mobility heavy. I personally use bone giants as a part of Khalida ranged blob against bret and sometimes HE.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Posts: 1,645Registered Users
    I honestly feel like Heirotitans are hard to justify in multiplayer. It's fine, most factions have units that are rarely used, if it all. I just feel like the two sphinx variants do a MUCH better job at whatever you're looking for the titan to do. Or just bring a caster if you really want to make use of the spells.

    Bone Giants on the other hand are incredibly useful in certain match ups. VC for example, I'd always take at least one in case you have to deal with Mortis Engines. I wouldn't field them against other artillery heavy factions tbh, as they don't fare well in arty duels. But they make decent single-entity snipers imo, so vs Chaos, Lizardmen, etc. I don't think they're a bad idea. Basically they're match-up dependent, but not a bad unit.

    Necropolis knights with HALBERDS make a good anti-large cav vs NON-elite cav factions. They are better at killing monsters or anti-infantry cav, but don't trade well with other anti-large cav, so they're not really for winning dedicated cav fights so much as monster hunting. They're also not as good at charging THROUGH formations as other cav, so not quite as "punchy" as their counter parts, but they still have some uses in certain match ups.

    Regular Necropolis knights are in the same boat as the Heirotitan. I would basically never bring them, as whatever you'd want them for, the TK have something else that would do the job better imo.

    Sepuchral Stalkers are highly situational. Not even as just "vs a certain faction"....but rather, you need a concrete game plan for them in order for them to pay for themselves (which they can do). Vanguard Deploy gives you a cheeky egde vs some arty-based builds. And their poison-attacks are good at letting you catch another unit. So they're good at tackling things...but they pretty much need something else to actually kill it off. They're also strangley bad at cycle charging infantry formations. Like Necropolis Knights, they seem to get stuck a lot when trying to pull 'through' a formation, limiting their traditional cav utility.


    Heirotitan: useless
    Necropolis Knights (standard): useless
    Necropolis Knights Halberds: Bad in elite cav duels, but good as monster hunters otherwise
    Sepuchral Stalkers: Bring for poison, and primarily with clear vision of what you want to achieve.
    Bone Giants: GREAT in certain match ups (single-entity ones)...and fairly poor in artillery duels/vs artillery based factions.
  • reizennnreizennn Posts: 19Registered Users
    @Valkaar good points overall, however, I dont agree that bone giant is bad against artillery. Maybe he will lose against cannons or bolt throwers and is on par with WLCs (all in equal costs), but I suppose he destroys any other artillery with ease.
  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Posts: 6,465Registered Users
    I think Necropolis Knights are totally underrated both versions, they great to use as bodyguards for your caster or lord or bowshabti.

    Also the halberd ones when combines with the overcast 5WOM spell that gives them 20% more weapon damage and +16 anti large for 22s they absolutely melt any large units including dragons, a very underrated unit in my view.
  • AerocrasticAerocrastic Posts: 302Registered Users
    Heirotitan: Giant but with 100 armor and bound spells

    Bone Giant: Elite infantry slayer with a better arc of fire than bow ushabti and can be used against large

    Necropolis Knights: Backline defense tool if the Halberd variant, or the normal version is useful for spreading poison across a front line which can help debuff units it isn't actively cycle charging

    Sepulchral Stalkers: Good guardian units for defensive builds, but defensive builds tend not to be that great. Usually not useful but are a strong counter to high charge cavalry.
  • Black_PhillipBlack_Phillip Posts: 358Registered Users
    edited December 2018
    Necropolis Knights with halberds are also great vs fast single entity monsters like carnasaurs. With their mass and poison they wont be able to get away.

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