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Hopes for Total War Warhammer 3

Kuchenmann91Kuchenmann91 Registered Users Posts: 10
Hi as the title says what would you wish to be improved.

1) I would love an option for unit caps or involved unit caps like the table top caps mod witch makes low tier units more viable through out the campaign and the campaign doesn´t end in an autoresolve with elites. Like 50% core 25% special,25%rare for AI and player or atleast for AI so they will stop recruiting stupid stacks with 19 arti or 19 dragons or 10 heroes or something.

2) I wish battles would be longer atleast about 10 min because the 3 min battles we have now kinda suck. As a campaign player you can´t watch your units fighting at higher difficulties or plan flanking etc. because you are so busy throwing everything you have at the right target.

What are your hopes let me know
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  • LennoxPoodle#1380LennoxPoodle#1380 Registered Users Posts: 1,947
    edited December 2018
    I'd hope for a revised unit equipment system are you can side/down/upgrade existing units to their differently armed variants in provinces with the necessary buildings. This would mean upgrading a unit of sea guard to sea guard (shields) keeping their xp, instead of disbanding the former and recruiting the latter.
    Also I definetly want 3 kingdoms diplomacy. Visible command sections (banner, musician and champion) would be nice too. Both 3K and thrones have visible standard bearers, so it should be possible.
  • Ben1990#8909Ben1990#8909 Registered Users Posts: 3,310
    Ogres, Chaos Dwarfs, Chaos Daemons and Cathay or Dogs of War DLC. Then we get Kislev DLC, Nippon DLC, Ind DLC, and a Dogs of War or Cathay DLC.
  • BloodydemizeBloodydemize Registered Users Posts: 3
    Honestly I do not care a whole lot about what content is in initially as I am sure whatever is in will be great, and whatever is not in will be added further down the line.

    The biggest thing for me is please add at least 4 player multiplayer campaigns CA.

    Add some kind of way to take simultaneous turns or make it so you can queue buildings/recruitment/technology/etc when its other peoples turns. Either option would cut down turn times significantly and make it fine to play.

    It's annoying how many friends I have that get deterred from purchasing the game when I tell them you can only play campaigns with 2 people.

    Game 3 is also like the perfect choice to add such a feature with the 4 chaos gods.
  • #326161#326161 Registered Users Posts: 2,175
    Well for your second point, a battle replay is a sollution to u can watch and zoom in and look what u can do better as well. during a real time battle this is not really a option unless u will win 100%
  • #326161#326161 Registered Users Posts: 2,175
    Your first point is basicly just playing at higher difficulties or letting the AI play better where it can.
  • #326161#326161 Registered Users Posts: 2,175
    Ben1990 said:

    Ogres, Chaos Dwarfs, Chaos Daemons and Cathay or Dogs of War DLC. Then we get Kislev DLC, Nippon DLC, Ind DLC, and a Dogs of War or Cathay DLC.

    It will proberly start off with four factions again with a fifth as a pre order bonus / dlc like they have allways done untill now.

    So u would have Chaos dwarves, Demons of Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms and Kislev as core if u ask me.
    Proberly Dogs of war, Araby, Amazons, Albion. as preorder or dlc. If they compress the map in some way maby Cathay,
    Nippin and kingdoms of ind. these three have the lowest chance to make it. i dont think they will make a warhammer 4 for this but u never know, there are plenty of orher factions/map locations.
    And ofcourse new legendary lords / units / minor factions or extensions of excisting factions.
  • markusasmarkusas Registered Users Posts: 245
    edited January 2019
    1. At least 3 player campaign, hopefully up to 6. Have many friends who didn't buy the game because of lack of more than 2 player multiplayer.

    2. 'Round world' for Mortal Empires - To traverse it Civilization style from east to west/west to east. That would make the map more interconnected and you could go on a cruisade and meet factions you otherwise wouldn't encounter.

    3. Fix underground siege. Now some artillery will automove all the way to the wall when they should fire on towers.
    When game 3 comes out I want to travel the world from the east to west and invade the western shores of Naggaroth. Also expand Mortal Empires South and West to make Southlands, Lustria and Western Naggaroth great again!
  • Arcturus_MilitarisArcturus_Militaris Registered Users Posts: 1
    I hope for another faction, which includes a roster of beasts, berserkers (high damage, low defense), giants, skilled human infantry, massive bombards and airships/air-balloons (which drop charges that disrupt formations).

    1.) I'd really like the idea of having an armored monstrous cavalry unit including minotaur-size lions and bears, which have sheathed great weapons (dual wielding or single) or sword and shield. When the cav. goes into action, you can choose to catapult the riders off of their mounts, allowing for them to get into or behind enemy lines, raising their physical resistance, melee attack and defense. Then the heavily armored beasts draw their weapons from the sheaths on their backs, inspire terror on their enemies and begin plowing through their lines. The stats of the riders and their mounts should be combined when riding and be split when separating. You should be able to control them as separate units. They would be a very effective fighting force but would have to be somewhat expensive to balance the game.

    2.) Then some armored hammer giants would be great, as tall as a monstrous cygor, and very expensive. They would have massive amounts of health (15000 HP), and having one of these in your army should be more than enough, Max. 3 limit with all three together using about 2/3 of your multiplayer starting money.

    3.) Airships and balloons with stealth ability (basically hiding in the clouds) would make an awesome addition to a unit roster! They would lose their stealth upon first engagement in a battle but lower the morale of enemies by 5% permanently for the rest of the battle.

    Formations!!! Such an important thing in every battle! I'd really love to see a complex shield wall ability which I will describe now:
    An expensive ability, to cost about 800 currency, for which you need some units in your army comp, before unlocking.
    a.) Two units of heavy spear infantry with great shields to hold the front line, absorbing any charge impact: A wall of
    double stacked great shields in front, reinforced by spears and pikes* and a "roof", by another shield. Then a shield
    wall with a single row of great shields, reinforced in the same way. In the third row of shields, it is really just there to
    help the beserkers** up on the "roof" of the first shield wall. They then bound forth onto the next "roof", and jump onto
    the heads of the poor enemy soldiers that happen to be in their way, raising the beserkers melee attack and their
    physical resistance, but lowering their melee defense. After ten seconds of combat in this way, the shield wall
    dissolves and marches forward to where the beserkers have plowed their way. They restructure the shield wall, the
    berserkers retreat in between the shields, the wall consolidates, and the process recommences. You should have no
    control over your units in this mode until you toggle the ability.
    b.) One unit of crossbows to shoot at incoming enemies through temporarily created openings in the shield wall by
    angling the shield for a second, closed until reload and once engaged in melee combat.
    c.)Two units of heavy pike infantry to help "Hold the Line!!!!".
    d.)Two units of beserkers to bear down on the enemy.

    In total, you would need seven units of these specific units to unlock this ability!
    This awesome shield wall would shine in chokepoint battles, where you have to slowly plow your way through enemy lines.

    The infantry in this faction would need to be pretty elite, like the lizardmen.

    For artillery, trebuchets that shoot giant blocks of stone would be awesome (LOTR inspired: Minas Tirith battle scene)!
    Heavy Catapults that can shoot flaming/explosive/regular (still powerful: giant stone balls :-)), Ancient bombards, those massive artillery pieces found at the battle of Vienna/Constantinople (Turkish Onagers), or ones similar to the tsar bombard type. Ballistae would be great to see as well. Leonardo da Vinci-inspired war machines would give it all a great medieval feel. I'd love to see long lines of cannonades rowed in hills

    For flying units; griffins, eagles, birdswarm unit (falcons)|murders of crows, dragons, etc...

    You can EASILY fill out an army roster with these types of units!
    I would be so happy if something like this got added! I think that especially the shield wall and monstrous cavalry unit I described earlier would make a great addition to the Warhammer 3 edition.
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