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  • Reeks#2417Reeks#2417 Registered Users Posts: 10,797

    LOL Mazda pulled a Darkseid.

    Give me GorRok, Troglodon, Razordon, Rippers and Salamander and i'm happy.


    Nurgle is love

    Nurgle is life

  • Ludbone#5956Ludbone#5956 Registered Users Posts: 2,217

    Gor-Rok FLC starting in Itza akin to the Krakenlord.

    Tehenhuain starting in Deaths Head Monument on the West coast of the Southlands vs Ikit Claw starting in the marshes next to the Orks in the west of Lustria.

    Units for the Lizards should be Salamanders, Razordons, Ripperdactyls, and possibly Troglodon and Red Crested Skinks. The Red Crested Skinks would make sense given Tehenhuain.

    Units for the Ratmen should be Weapons Team: Poison Wind Mortar, Ratling guns, Jezzails, and possibly some other Clan Skryre psychotic contraption.

    I doubt we will get Red Crested Skinks as a new unit, taking the place of a real new unit like, for example, Troglodon.

    They are. . . normal skinks with a red crest instead of an orange one. They are RoR whorty at most or Tehenhauin's Campaign exclusive unit.
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  • JhoDeviloJhoDevilo Registered Users Posts: 76
    NO PLEASE! Everything but Red Crest Skinks taking the place of a better new unit! Add them as a ROR but not as a new unit.
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