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Minor Bug and Improvements

ErnakErnak Registered Users Posts: 6
edited January 2019 in General Discussion
First of all, I would like to thank the Saga Team for their last fantastic update.

These are some minor bugs and gliches to fix:

- Buildings miniatures from the new patch: the have a triangle in a corner, their drawing quality is a bit lower and the background different. For example, the butcher miniature from previous patch had better quality than the new one.
- Playing as Dyflin, the longpport conquest mission is issued twice (in two consequtive turns).
- Add a high resolution map for diplomacy and governors map. The map is beautiful, but when you make zoom it is not as nice as it should.
- God's Will event: It gives you the option to Appease the Church, which causes -20% recruitment cost for all units and -20% unit replenishment. I think that it should be +20% recruitment cost for all units and -20% unit replenishment. Making cheaper to recrtuit more units makes no sense.
- When attacking a village which contains an army (a minor village), make attackers to appear in the opposite place of the village in battle map. Sometimes they appear in the village side, which reduces the immersion.
- Units blink when they are forticied and you pass the turn during enemies turns.
- Sometimes, when you simulate a battle, while commanders fight, you can see one to be double. One copy does not move and it is transparent.
- In saved campaings window, cloud section, the sort by date button does not work.
- Roads in the west of Irland: textures around the road do no match the textures of the soorunding land, making roads to look a bit artificial.
- Playing as Dyflin Céli dé Abbey building is asked to be converted to an abbey for getting the benefits of the building; but effects, description and miniature of both buildings are the same one.
- When a saved game is loaded, markers on the top of the IU (food, gold, etc.) do not show proper values till you pass the turn.

Some improvements that I suggest:

- In the character inspection window:
- Governors: add some info like happiness, food and money production and the name of the province they govern.
- For generals: add some info like army's health, supplies and name of province (the name could appear in green if you own it or in red if it is an enemy territory, yellow for provinces of kingdoms which are not in war with you).
- Blood pack: it would be nice to add more opions in graphic options section. Like choosing if blood appear or not in battle, in battle simulation fight, in the miniatures of units and in the campaing event miniatures (for example the attrition by snow event).
- In battle loading screen, it appears the expereicence of the units, but not its armour level (gold, silver or bronze). Same for pop-ups in battles. It would be nice to have also the armour level in both.

Overall, the gameplay is nice and the art looks beautiful. Implementing all this would make it even better :)

I added a couple of bugs/suggestions
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