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UPDATE - Festag - Agents affected by supply lines upkeep penalty

VistoufVistouf Registered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in PTE Beta Feedback
Welp, woe is me for not making thorough tests. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I initially reported that the supply lines upkeep penalty was applied to agents on the campaign map.

Well, I was wrong.

The supply lines upkeep penalty is applied to the *displayed* upkeep in an agent's unit card. It is not, however, counted in the top-center panel that shows your income for the turn. This seems to affect all agents of all factions. (but I only tested 2, so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️)

This can be quickly tested with a new Alarielle campaign.
  1. Start a new Vortex campaign with Alarielle on normal difficulty. Military upkeep will be at 1437.
  2. Alarielle's army upkeep is reported at 1225, and the agent on the map at 212.
  3. 1225 + 212 = 1437. We have now verified that adding up the reported upkeep of every agents on the map and army totals the reported upkeep in the main panel. ("main panel" = top center panel of the campaign screen when you hover your cursor over it)
  4. Recruit a lord. Make sure their (singular) trait doesn't give an upkeep penalties to some units.
  5. Look at the military upkeep reported in the main panel. 1718.
  6. Click on the treasure chest icon top center of the campaign screen to make sure the new lord's reported upkeep is updated.
  7. Add up everyone's reported upkeep. 1251 (Alarielle) + 216 (agent) + 255 (new lord) = 1722.
  8. The total we calculated (1722) is different from the reported total upkeep (1718).
  9. 1722 - 1718 = 4. The totals differ by 4. And this number is corresponds to the reported increase in the agent's upkeep. 212 to 216 is an increase of 4.
  10. Conclusion : Agents on the campaign map report an upkeep that takes the supply lines upkeep penalty into account, but is not an accurate reflection of what is calculated.
Previous, and wrong, write up preserved for posterity :

So with Kemmler (-50% upkeep to necromancers) and the first Lahmian bloodline lord (-50% upkeep to all agents), the necromancers still cost upkeep from the moment you raise a second army because they, and all other agents, are affected by the supply lines upkeep penalty of 2% additional upkeep per additional army on normal difficulty.

I tested if this was also true for another faction, so I started a new campaign with Alarielle because she starts with an agent. It turns out that Alarielle's agent is also affected by the supply line upkeep penalty.

This is different from my tests on the live non-beta build with Kemmler I did to find out the problem with necromancers' upkeep. During those, I found out that agents on the campaign map weren't affected by the supply line penalty, which made sense because the tooltip says the penalty applies to "army upkeep". Not "military upkeep", or just "upkeep".
(Disclaimer : those tests were done with mods, although none that should have affected the upkeep. Also, I didn't repeat those tests because it looks like I'll have to redownload gigabytes of file to switch back to the non-beta build.)

Also, skeleton warriors get free upkeep with a tech, and remain free of upkeep with additional army, making them truly free upkeep.

I feel that necromancers should also be truly free, just as the skeleton warriors, when employed under Kemmler and the first Lahmian bloodline perk. Also, I'd prefer the agents on the campaign map to remain unaffected by the supply line penalty.
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