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Middenheim Vs Dark Elf (this is how you do it!)

viscount_of_cheeksviscount_of_cheeks Posts: 7Registered Users
I am Samheim, Vis count of the high court of fair ass cheeks....

I bid you fair ass cheeks,

In this battle I take on the knight of Soddom itself! the perverts of Dark elf! who will surely bum off severely any captured Empire men! :(

Even so look how brave my men are, with many Free company moving forward!

look at the beutiful timing of my Empire knights charge!

I have played many many games of Totalwar and this is truly a gem! Its my xmas present to you!



  • MakoTheMakoMakoTheMako Posts: 1,246Registered Users
    fair ass cheeks to you as well

    die about it

  • Mr_Finley7Mr_Finley7 Junior Member Posts: 3,715Registered Users
    Lol. Not sure what this means boys but it’s definitely hilarious.
  • viscount_of_cheeksviscount_of_cheeks Posts: 7Registered Users
    Dayum, don't try this at home lames!

    I am professional warhammer gamer.

    This was mighty victory against counter picker. Not to discredit him. He knew the game bring infantry intensive build against empire.

    He came down from the hill because, he overwhelmed me in numbers so heavily.

    Its only my deep skill that was able to pull this off. Dark elfs are so op compared to Empire. And middenland is even worse because no flatulance!

    But I play themed and embrace my limitations.

    But man my lines were THIN!

    I use a combination of off beat polska dance step to throw off his attack into segments instead of all arriving at once.

    But Really disapointed with my demi lancers against the stupid witch elf things! they almost wipe out the unit of gryphs when they are unamoured light infantry! Against super heavy cav! fix your game CA!

    If you look at the end when I threw in Boris and the light wizard, its like I had run out of things to throw at him and was the final charge! and we broke them! and there was much drinking and merryment at the cosy after battle brothel my surviving soldiers went to celebrate! where the wine and fat ass cheeks flowed like melted butter dripping off a pulsating bradwurst!

  • viscount_of_cheeksviscount_of_cheeks Posts: 7Registered Users
    Oh well guess I just hang out here then...

    I like to see if any of the banners are man enough to challenge me in multiplayer?

    Really only the strong man should make rules!

  • Green0Green0 Posts: 4,119Registered Users
    this was a great post, I'm sad it got flagged/moderated :(

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