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tournament! Blind pick 2018/12/30 11:00am EST 12:00 PM CST

InfletoInfleto MemberPosts: 290Registered Users
edited December 2018 in Multiplayer
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Blind Army Pick. Each player picks a single army list to play with before the tournament. You can't change your army later!

Map pool, Altdorf Outskirts

Large Funds

4 Single model units
2 of which may be heroes and 1 Lord.
2 breath attack units total.
Summoned units count. but only when summoned.

7 ranged units total
4 of 7 can be range cavalry
2 of 7 can be flying ranged.

5 flying units
2 of 5 can be Flying Ranged (also counts against total ranged units as seen above)

5 of any one unit.

Players must issue some kind of attack command with in the first 3 minuets of the match starting and should continue to do so until the match ends. Unless they have a ranged unit with ammo that is firing .


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