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Total war:Shogun 2 graphics are very bad in my computer.Why?

Guiz99Guiz99 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited January 2019 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
I have total war shogun 2(DEMO ,i will buy if i can solve the problem) and my graphics are very bad ,but my graphics are on high(I changed the gfx_video_memory in preference.script).I put in the post my DxDiag and some pictures.

Then,I want to know if have a solution for this problem or the problem is my PC configuration.
My pc configuration:INTEL CORE I5 8250 U 1.60 GHz,8gb RAM and Nvidia mx150

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Sorry for the bad english.

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  • WowItsHoJoWowItsHoJo Registered Users Posts: 14
    The screenshots you posted are 1366x768 resolution. You must be on a laptop PC? Your framerates look fine but you need to bump up the resolution considerably, or use a larger external monitor, IMO. The game has crisp graphics all the way up to where I play it (2560x1440).
  • SecuterSecuter Senior Member Denmark, Aarhus.Registered Users Posts: 2,354
    edited March 2019
    The game has very good graphics. Do you have a proper graphic card - are your drivers up to date?

    Edit: iirc, the MX is an integrated and not dedicated graphic card, right? If so that would explain it. Integrated graphic cards are weak and not very good for gaming purposes.
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