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Meet the Warlords: Warlord Poster Master List

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Looking for warlord posters? You've come to the right place!

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Cunning and merciless, this strategic mastermind favours the divide and conquer approach, expertly manipulating others to do his bidding.


Xiahou Dun is a legendary one-eyed General fiercely loyal to Cao Cao. In a battle against Lü Bu’s forces in the late 190s he was hit in the eye with a stray arrow. He proceeded to yank the arrow out, devour his own eyeball, then charge towards the enemy General, Cao Xing, killing him on the spot.


Meet Xu Chu, the indomitable general and one of Cao Cao’s most trusted officers. His colossal size and fierce strength make him a key figure on any battlefield, while his immense loyalty and bravery have earned him a plethora of military accolades and titles.


Meet Dian Wei, a hulking powerhouse of a man and loyal bodyguard of Cao Cao. Famed for his immense physical strength and iron will, Dian Wei is known for fighting off scores of enemy troops without breaking a sweat.


Meet Xiahou Yuan, the fiercely brave and resourceful general loyal to Cao Cao. Famed for immense battlefield speed and guile, he’s earned a place as an officer of great renown.


Meet Sun Jian, said to be descended from legendary strategist Sun Tzu. Known for his courageousness, resourcefulness, and thrill seeking nature, he cuts a powerful figure as the head of the Sun family.


Meet Sun Ren, daughter of warlord Sun Jian and younger sister of Sun Quan and Sun Ce. Fiercely determined, eager to prove herself on the battlefield like her brothers, and skilled with blade and bow, Lady Sun is a force to be reckoned with.


Meet Sun Quan, second son of warlord Sun Jian and younger brother of Sun Ce. First Emperor of Eastern Wu, Sun Quan is a patient, confident, and diligent ruler. He takes calculated risks to protect the Sun family’s future.


Gan Ning is a military officer loyal to the Kingdom of Wu, fighting in numerous battles for the Sun family. He’s wild, impatient, and fearless. During his youth, he led a pirate group that infamously wore bells to "warn" their enemies of their impending doom.


Meet Sun Ce, eldest child of warlord Sun Jian and brother of Sun Quan and Sun Ren. Although relatively young, he has proven himself a fearless warrior, talented commander, and ambitious general. Famed for his military victories in Jiangdong that laid the foundation for the Kingdom of Wu, he’s very much earned his nickname the "Little Conqueror".


Meet Zhou Yu, Wu's finest strategist, loyal officer of the Sun family, and close friend to both Sun Ce and Sun Quan. Calm and intelligent, Zhou Yu is a wise military tactician who sees through most of his enemies' ploys.


Humble, virtuous and kind, Liu Bei is an inspiring presence, forging unshakeable bonds with those who follow him...


Guan Yu is a fierce and noble general serving under Liu Bei. One of the greatest warriors in China with a keen intellect, Zhang Fei looked up to him as his older brother. His magnificent beard was known throughout the land, and he was often nicknamed ‘Beautiful Beard’ by his peers.


Zhang Fei is a stubborn, strong warrior with a fierce temper who refuses to back down or retreat. Liu Bei and Guan Yu, his oath brothers, command his deepest loyalty and he’d sacrifice himself for them in an instant.


Zhuge Liang is the Imperial Chancellor of the state of Shu. An incredibly shrewd strategist and accomplished scholar. Zhuge Liang chose to join Liu Bei after seeing that he was a noble, man of the people. Constantly thinking one step ahead, he remains calm and calculated.


Ma Teng is a born survivor. He’s well equipped to withstand the harsh conditions of the arid plains, mountainous regions and the deep jungle. But above all, Ma Teng is driven by loyalty. He is kind to others and respected by many.


Han Sui is a military general and Ma Teng’s sworn brother. Although he appears to be a minor warlord, he prefers to stay behind the scenes and place someone else in the position of leadership while holding the real power himself.


Ma Chao is the son and heir of the warlord Ma Teng. He’s an accomplished warrior known for his aggression and bravery on the battlefield. He’s also earned the nickname Ma Chao the Splendid due to his magnificent armour.


Liu Biao is widely known as a lover of scholarly pursuits and holds a great appreciation of etiquette and nobility. Nicknamed the Gentleman of the Han, he serves the Han with an unwavering sense of duty, hoping that the chaos will subside and the status quo be preserved.


Huang Zhong may be elderly, but he has a youthful air and is still in strong health. He is known for being a brave and fierce warrior, and is a skilled archer who has a reputation for never missing.


Zhang Yan is the leader of the Black Mountain bandits, to attack him is to invite both deception and ambush. An opportunist, Zhang Yan seeks to form alliances and friendships with anyone that will further his own interests, be they noble or tyrant.


As the Han’s loyal defender, Yuan Shao stormed Luoyang to liberate the emperor and personally slaughtered the treacherous eunuchs. He rose to power due to his outstanding reputation, wealth, and prestige. Though he lacks in substance, his ostentatious style is beyond doubt.


As the Han empire crumbles, Zheng Jiang only laughs as she sees an institution she hates go down in flames. They know nothing of hunger or fear, their power was given to them rather than earned. Zheng Jiang seizes her own glory through her merciless fury and unrelenting strength.


Kong Rong earnestly believes that the bureaucracy of China can only succeed through the support of education. Focusing on wisdom and learning, Kong Rong tries to encourage prosperity through knowledge and insight to better the people and the economy.


A skilled archer and honest above all else, Taishi Ci always honours his word. Loyal to the end, he will do all that he can to serve his masters well, even if that means endangering his own life. There is no man more trustworthy than the virtuous Taishi Ci.


Yuan Shu believes that only he has the means - and the right - to wield true power. The prestigious name of Yuan weighs heavily upon his shoulders, as does the blustering of his half-brother Yuan Shao. Only by demonstrating his legitimacy can he prove his right to rule.


Zhao Yun has a steadfast sense of moral duty and will always do what he thinks is right, no matter how dangerous. As a charismatic and skilled warrior, Zhao Yun fights for justice, and will follow none but the most righteous of warlords.


Gongsun Zan is heard like a clarion call above the chaos. He stands firm in his beliefs and is unafraid to do what he feels to be right. As defender of the dangerous fringes of the empire, Gongsun Zan believes that military precision must be observed in all things.


One of Cao Cao’s most courageous generals, Yue Jin was always willing to put his own life in danger for those he deemed worthy of respect. He went on to become one of China’s most famed generals, having fought against the infamous Lü Bu on more than one occasion, and survived…


A model of integrity, Xu Huang is both a great warrior and an astute general, having defeated numerous legendary generals in his time under Cao Cao. Extremely respectful, Xu Huang never fails to be courteous to friends and enemies alike.


Blessed with great intelligence from a young age, Sima Yi is one of China’s greatest strategists. Loyal only to himself, he schemes and plots to outwit Zhuge Liang and pave the way for his own family to usurp the throne and establish a new dynasty.


The youngest son of Liu Yan, Liu Zhang ruled over the Yi Province. While he maintained peace in his realm, some view him to be a foolish and incapable ruler. He is easily taken in by tricks and deception, and will choose the wellbeing of his subjects over his own ambition.


Tao Qian is a diligent and sincere governor with an eye for those who have the true interests of the people at heart. Having thwarted an invasion from Cao Cao with help from Liu Bei, the two began a friendship that would influence Liu Bei’s own style of governance.
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