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why are my battles plagued by major lag?

BeardedragonBeardedragon MemberPosts: 1,132Registered Users
in quick battles. i run 300 mbit internet ffs


  • Green0Green0 Posts: 3,914Registered Users
    edited January 3
    players with bad internet. This game is p2p, there are no servers.

    I suggest you dodge all Chinese at least, they normally don't give a good game for several reasons including normally bad internet.
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,542Registered Users
    That’s a bit unfair, I’ve played plenty of good games against Chinese players, with relatively little lag.
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)
  • BeardedragonBeardedragon Member Posts: 1,132Registered Users

    ive had plenty battles afterwards without lag. i guess it was just an unlucky day where i met many laggers or something.

    majority of my battles dont lag.

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