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MP ladder

Slade_XSlade_X Posts: 99Registered Users


do you have any plans to fix the MP ladder in a upcoming patch or game 3?

I just lost another 70 places because my game crashed once for no apparent reason, and twice because my opponent got salty and AltF4'd just before he lost.

Shame, i'd made it all the way back to 30th after i got hit for the fourth time by the random lose 20000 points bug that has plagued the ladder since late warhammer 1, and remains unfixed.

i love the game, as i have stated many times.
But can you please hire someone competent to sort out the MP ladder?
Because its a joke.
And you don't really seem to give a ****.

many thanks,



  • JoukeSeinstraJoukeSeinstra Posts: 254Registered Users
  • ystyst Posts: 5,361Registered Users
    Feel u bro, ure not the only one.

    The frikking opponent alt f4 is the frikking worst. Really, really pss me off. Its a terrorist move, they bring u down together. Extremely cheap shot, it doesnt work all the time, but when it does, it do bad things
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  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,555Registered Users
    edited January 4
    Yeah I’ve had the ~20k rating drop twice as well as several smaller hits from the post battle screen crashing. Ladder definitely needs an overhaul. Wouldn’t hold my breath for changes during WH2 (though a reset wouldn’t hurt). I think there might be some MP changes in the works for WH3.
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  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Posts: 6,674Registered Users
    yeah its near unplayable now, the crashes happen once per hour to me its very frustrating.
  • DerpmaidenDerpmaiden Posts: 84Registered Users
    I agree with the rather disappointing state of the multiplayer in TWWH. Due to how dysfunctional and bare-bone the whole system feel, just treat the quick battle mode as the name suggest -- a channel purely used to find opponents quickly rather than a competitive representation of the game.

    I'm pretty sure the current state of the ladder won't and will not be fixed in the near future or in game 3. If there's going to be any improvement it will come with 3 kingdoms, not Warhammer. With how little effort went into developing MP progression system, it would be wrong of us to expect it to be anything more than casual fun. At least, with CA Duck looking over the game's balance, we can have some fun from time to time, which is the only thing that's keeping me in MP.
  • AIMA_DracklorAIMA_Dracklor Posts: 4,150Registered Users
    There need to be a reset of the ladder, well i personally dont even give a **** at that point, it doesnt mean jack and I stopped taking it srly. Go for fun thematic builds and I now try kultiple factions, dropped like 200 ranks, but whatever. Its kinda absolutely stupid tbh. I win 9 games out of 10 but after thoss 10 games I finish 100 point less. **** dumb

  • nikolinenikoline Posts: 7Registered Users
    Only one thing can keep players in the game for a long time and lead to an increase in the popularity of the game-it's competitive. I remember those words from the Creator of world of Warcraft in 2005.It's the truth!!!!

    Sega I think is very underestimated this factor. Due to the creation of high-quality multiplayer and competition, the number of players increases like a snowball.It's a pity that Sega did such a Titanic job most for players who defeating AI . The number of players against AI I think not much will be able to grow and gain popularity from month to month, from year to year..Rather will decline.But if Sega improved the multiplayer content and made a quality ladder(for example same as was in warcraft3 with levels icons ,excellent autoselection of opponents etc) ,I suppose the game would attract more and more players like a magnet.

  • Slade_XSlade_X Posts: 99Registered Users

    Makes real sense. I understand the MP base is small compared to campaign players....

    But if you wanted to improve the AI and make it competitive, just watch and learn from the MP community.

    Its amazing how the MP game constantly evolves.

    Or you can campaign, and just kill everything with artillery..
  • nikolinenikoline Posts: 7Registered Users
    Yes all right! Сampaign players are completely satisfied, but if CA can satisfy MP category of players too, then who will be more its a big question))
    If even in the current situation, a lot of Championships are held on the full enthusiasm of fans who come up with the rules themselves ,unite in clans,create prize funds,what could be with a more serious and improved multiplayer, I can not even imagine..

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