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Not launching steam version

baggins79baggins79 Posts: 2Registered Users
Basically,after installation, during some direct x etc verifying, I had an error about adobe pdf trying to install older version. Not sure if that is a problem, but game is not launching at all. It shows steam window 'preparing to launch' and doesn't do anything else.


  • PianoBenchPianoBench Posts: 3Registered Users
    Here is one fix to the shogun 2 startup problem.

    The way I fixed this problem was that I reformatted my OS HDD and reinstalled windows 10 64 bit then reinstalled the game.

    Another fix that I recently discovered is to refresh the windows page file. Not to be confused with disabling paging file. You need to clear this. Follow the steps below to do this.

    1. Type into the search bar on your taskbar: Control Panel.
    2. Open the system menu.
    3. Click on Advanced system settings.
    4. Under the Advanced Tab --> Look for Performance --> Click on Settings under Performance.
    5. Click on Advanced Tab.
    6. Look for Virtual Memory --> Click on Change under Virtual Memory.
    7. Now uncheck the box next to Automatically manage paging file ... all drives.
    8. Click on Custom Size:
    9. Under Initial size --> just use the recommended paging file size your computer states in the box below.
    10. Under Maximum Size --> set to something that is above the Currently Allocated size in the box below.
    11. Click accept or Okay and Restart the PC.
    12. After the PC has been restarted, go into paging file again.
    13. Now change everything back to system managed size --> then finally click the check box next to Automatically manage .... paging file... all drives.

    Click okay, apply, restart... Now launch Total War shogun 2. This worked for me. Also note that after reinstalling windows 10 and reinstalling Shogun total war 2, a few months later my shogun 2 would not launch. I performed the steps listed above and the game now runs.

    Let me know if it works for you!
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