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Agent activities

tfwoods3tfwoods3 Posts: 844Registered Users
I think it has been said there will be no agents, but I am hoping to hear that lords can do some of the things agents were known for, like:

- Raiding camps and setting fire to their food supplies (attack units agent ability). This was done in the books.

- Chasing an army into a corner, or confusing them (block army witch hunter ability)

- Set fire to city building (Damage building)

and others. I wish they would confirm or show some of this. The only thing that sound similar is when they mentioned you could plant a spy in the enemy army.


  • Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Posts: 1,600Registered Users
    There definitely should be a way to sabotage armies and cities... though to be honest... I would like to see this expanded on. Since CA were awesome enough to expand on the Diplomacy system (and omg... I was so so so happy when I saw this!) it would be really awesome if they expanded on the Covert Operations part of the game.

    I really miss those cute little mini-movies too, in Shogun 2, where the Shinobi or Geishas would have a little cinematic of what they did failure or success... it got so suspenseful sometimes lol.

    I don't think they have shinobi clans in China doing this type of stuff at this time... but I'm sure there are bandits, monks, scholars, etc... that will do something for a reward... maybe there could even be a bounty system.. like when Cao Cao attempted to assassinate Dong Zhuo, but failed and fled... then Dong Zhuo put a bounty on his head.
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  • tfwoods3tfwoods3 Posts: 844Registered Users
    edited January 5
    Agree that it would be nice if it was developed more.

    Since it would be a lord doing these actions, I could see there being a range to their abilities and maybe only one character from your stack can perform one of these special things per turn (do you get your strategist to send a forged letter to make the army lose movement, or send your champion to raid their camp at night?). I don't see them actually detaching from your stack and moving next to the enemy, they just do it from range.

    Plus once you attempt this, they should be immune to attempts for a few turns so it can't be spammed.

    Maybe some actions need a combo of character types to pull off, like forged letter may need Strategist and a Commander in your stack.

  • TayvarTayvar Posts: 9,846Registered Users
    Agent activities should be also balanced and at least semi-realistic, agent was not a very popular in Total War games partly because they considered too OP, but there is also players who don't like to bother with intelligence and counterintelligence, even though it's a important part of many wars.

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  • AxelradAxelrad Senior Member Posts: 629Registered Users
    edited January 5
    Honestly, I would like to see less damaging agent abilities and more focus on the kind of espionage that actually works irl - helping you gather more information about the enemy. I think hindering and halting enemy army movement is one of the best and most immersive things agents have been able to do, as well as boosting your army's movement when attached. That all makes a lot of sense.

    I think the primary reason that agents are such a contested topic is because past games have had issues with agents being able to basically double as armies and destroy enemy forces through some their actions, rendering battles moot if a high-ranked agent is around. Which basically *required* you to grind up high-ranked agents to counter such actions from the enemy, and AI bonuses to agent ranks could often make sabotage by enemy agents more of a threat than enemy armies. Which just felt wrong on so many levels for a Total War game.

    Historical titles have successfully moved away from this, with Rome 2's latest updates to agents finally finding a good balance in that game, and ToB just merging them into generals feels so refreshing. I think that style of overpowered agent has found a welcome home in Warhammer, where it makes a lot more sense thematically. But I really don't want it anywhere near 3K.

    I'm much more interested in some things they've hinted at, like being able to set a spy into a faction and move them in place to then steal away one of their armies or regions or a character. That sounds like actual espionage.
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