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Warhammer 2 "Speedrun" AARs (and gifs!)

ShoggyShoggy Posts: 7Registered Users
Hi, I'm Shoggy, a weird guy that runs minimal-turncount World Conquest speedruns of Total Warhammer (the technical term is Blitzes I've been informed), and then writes them up in detailed After Action Reports. It's been repeatedly suggested that I actually post these here on the official forums, so here I am.

These runs are just about the epitome of cheesiness, generally relying on at least one near-game-breaking campaign exploit per run backed up by some of the most manipulative battle gameplay imaginable. I do my best to explain all the silliness invloved, but feel free to ask if you want clarification (or are interested in trying something similar yourself!)

The current standing record for VH/VH and below, set just this patch, is 34 turns with Vampire Counts

Write-up: Nagash was SLOW


Past runs: (and for those interested, the current Legendary record is 99 Turns with High Elves, set by /u/Beartew)


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