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Hardware for 1440p on max settings?

dfgsdfgsdfgsdfgdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg Posts: 2Registered Users
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Hello, I want to be able to play and record gameplay that runs at 60 fps 1440p without frequent or large dips on maxed settings (not ultra) and if the hardware exists also with large armies enabled with it being balanced between infantry and large units on the ally and enemy team. Money is not an issue I love Warhammer and if I cant afford what is suggested then i will save until I can. I am proficient in watercooling and overclocking so that's not an issue.

I would appreciate it if I can get answers that are based on something and not just saying to buy an insane system like 4 2080tis and having 2 i9 9900ks with 128GB of 4000MHz RAM and overclocking them to an insane amount. I have seen the page by Polygon (posted below) saying what is required but it isnt in reference to 1440p or maxed out settings with 40 units on both sides or a campaign with max settings. My system is well above that with an i9 9900k 32 GB RAM and a RTX 2080 and I'm getting between 30 - 34 FPS on the in game benchmarks (I would really like 60 FPS.)

If that kind of insane system is required then I will buy it but I would prefer not to waste money if I could achieve what i want for less. Total War Warhammer it is the only game I play anymore and I really want to bring beautiful gameplay footage to the community and get more people into the game.

Supplemental questions what would it take to do it at 4k? What would be the best set up if multiple GPUs and CPUs is not available?


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,275Registered Users
    edited January 6
    It sounds like your recording software is a problem. 30-34 FPS with what you're running, is insane. You should be doing 70 on the in game benchmark, easy. Something like shadowplay should have very little impact on performance, not cut it in half.

    4K wise, the 2080 is essentially 1080 Ti performance, which is actually fairly marginal for 4k Warhammer 2. The Ti would work better, but for 60fps, you're just not going to manage it. Two 2080's will probably do it, but I don't know what kind of issues there are with Warhammer 2 and SLI. Their new NVLink is supposed to perform quite nicely, but SLI being functional, barely functional, or just a plain ol' **** show, is based on how well the game developers implemented it.
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