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what is a good build for lizardmen vs. Wood Elves

gunner8521gunner8521 Registered Users Posts: 488
I had a match a while back against wood elves and lost pretty handily against them. I believe I went too cav heavy, and could not micro everything while my suarus could not catch up with elf shirmishers. Thought maybe Skinks but they are pretty fragile.

for the Future, I was wondering what would be good build against the wood elves ?


  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 4,927
    Skinks are less fragile than you give them credit for. They are quick enough to apply pressure, numerous and cheap enough with decent shields and small stature to soak arrows like no ones business, and even their javelins do enough damage to make the Welfs think twice about hanging around to catch a few. Elves are squishy. Just gotta hit them once.

    Chameleon skinks in particular are nasty against the welfs. Their innate missile resistance and poison mitigates more than half of the returning skirmish game, and nothing the welfs field save their trees can take the punishment Chameleons dish out. And chameleons are still cheaper than most welf options.

    Terradon riders are also quite effective. They can catch and kill eagles, and kite through poison the hawk riders. Skip the fire leach bolas the welfs aren't dense enough to warrant them.

    You'll need some cold one spear riders to catch the inevitable wild riders. Not many though. With chameleon support they beat wild riders quite handily. The Spear riders are mostly there to deter the wild riders from hitting your skinks in the first place.

    You'll want to avoid too many large units unfortunately. All their best stuff is AP and probably excels at killing large targets. Either through anti large, or missile fire.

    Trees HATE fire damage. So suppose you could take bolas for that. But personally I would use a beam of chotek. The bastilidon will allow you to pummel even treekin with heavy fire damage, and because of this the welfs are going to pull towards you to get rid of it quick as possible. That gives you ample opportunity to use your skinks, chameleon and otherwise, to start picking them apart and killing strays. They get stuck needing to take the offense but unable to. The point of this is that chasing welfs around the map is what you dont want to do. Thats how they beat you.

    Overall the things you need to dodge using are:

    - Big lumbering monsters. So no stegadons. Certainly no Kroxigors.

    - Big blocks of Saurus. Too slow. This is a skirmishers wet dream. Temple Guard are a colossal waste of points here.

    - Relying entirely on your ability to chase them down. They want you to chase them. That's their turf. You wont catch them, so make them react to you.
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 4,874
    edited January 2019
    Typically what I would do is get a handful of skirmishers and a few cav units to deal with WE archers. Chameleons are the best because of their stalk ability. Lizardmen cav units are kinda slow so you have to use your skirmishers to chase them
    down and tie them up in melee. Once they’re tied up and can no longer move, rush your cav in and have them do the heavy damage.
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  • Wyvern2Wyvern2 Registered Users Posts: 1,608
    I'd say that unless you're looking to be cheesing, mass saurus+chameleon skinks is the way to go. Monsters might nto seem to be reasonable, but someone like mazdamundi on zlaaq can be useful to provide heals, net and good bunker busting options. Personally I dont think going for terradons is all that useful since WE are likely to have lots of shooting, and have nets of their own, and if WE decide they want to control the air, they will control the air. A few cold one spears and skinks to give yourself more width can also be nice.
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  • gunner8521gunner8521 Registered Users Posts: 488
    Alright I think I got a build. Mostly Skink cohorts (5) and skink Javs (4), Chameleon Skinks (4), Two cold one spear riders, one revival crystal, one solar engine to make them come to me.

    Lord we either be the Slann of Heavens with net of Amotok, wind blast, nesssary buff stats to armor and attack.

    Or Saurus lord with most importantly the item which gives 66% damage resist. Expecting Glady

    Thinking about swapping out spear riders with horned one and doing mazdmumdi.
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