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"What does this Skaven have to mourn?"

Gotrek_BeastslayerGotrek_Beastslayer Registered Users Posts: 1,571

Following the Skaven vs Lizzy's Lord Pack worries of these days

Are u mourning too...or your hopes for this LP release date are still high up in the sky?~
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- Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy: 10/10
- Gilead's Blood: 8/10
- Riders of the Dead: 9/10
- Empire in Chaos: 9/10
- Mark of Damnation: 7.5/10
- Mark of Heresy: 7/10
- G&F: Trollslayer: 8/10 (re-read)
- G&F: Skavenslayer: 9.5/10
- G&F: Daemonslayer: 10/10
- G&F: Dragonslayer: 8/10
- G&F: Beastslayer: 7.5/10
- G&F: Vampireslayer: 7/10
- G&F: Giantslayer: 7.5/10
- The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade vol. one: 8.5/10
- Drachenfels: 6.5/10
- Genevìeve Undead: 7.5/10
- Silver Nails: 9.5/10


  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    Blue eyes and Skaven? It's an abomination!
  • GerardofthetitanGerardofthetitan Registered Users Posts: 445

    Blue eyes and Skaven? It's an abomination!

    Because he's mind controlled. Poor Headtaker...so much pain in one time...
  • Ludbone#5956Ludbone#5956 Registered Users Posts: 2,217
    Give a gauntlet to that rat!
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  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Registered Users Posts: 24,530
    Is this a clue?

  • Ludbone#5956Ludbone#5956 Registered Users Posts: 2,217

    Is this a clue?

    Grace said this was nothing related with WH2 new contents. Just a Christmas pic.
    #JusticeForTzeentch #NoMoreRecoloredModels #NoMoreCopyPastedUnits

  • Player#902441Player#902441 Registered Users Posts: 7,756
    After the MP maps last year for MWNL, I don't know what naive fool was expecting worthwhile content for it this time around, but there's a certain level of hopeless optimism that becomes a vice rather than a virtue.

    The writing was on the wall for the LM/SK LP being six months after Vampire Coast long ago, and in letters so big it made the warning to Belshazzar look like legal small print.

  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,279
    Look on the bright side lads, at least our grandkids will be able to play it.
  • Nyxilis#3646Nyxilis#3646 Registered Users Posts: 8,272
    When it comes to FLC they don't promise any specific thing, heck there isn't a promise that it will even happen. I don't recall ever seeing a CA employee saying it will always be a thing, or it will always be of certain degree of volume.

    I wasn't disappointed the first time because I wasn't expecting it to be something super sized, or much of anything. The only thing that disappointed me for Steps of Isha wasn't that it was maps, is that it was maps for multiplayer. A mode I don't play at all. If it had been updated city maps for important locals to the quality levels that Isha maps actually were? Then I'd have been fine, if you actually look at the Isha maps they're actually well made. Just not for what I play. To get Skavenblight, Altdorf, or Kislev.
  • Timpeyo#7210Timpeyo#7210 Registered Users Posts: 2,111
    Ludbone said:

    Is this a clue?

    Grace said this was nothing related with WH2 new contents. Just a Christmas pic.
    Yeah I don't know quite what they were trying too show with this, I guess it's a nice christmas fireplace.....with the four new races given stockings. The trouble is by making things like this they shouldn't be surprised when people get disappointed.

    With past things I wasnt getting my hopes up, but when u see a Christmas fire with stockings for each faction I don't think anyone could be blamed for thinking presents and it actually meaning somthing......there an odd company for sure

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