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Dual Monitor

GottimperatorGottimperator Posts: 3Registered Users
I know that you couldn't play Total War on two monitors in the past.

But is it now possible with Warhammer, Kingdoms or else?

Or is it in progress at CA to make that possible in the future?

Hell! Run! The Vikings are coming!


  • AryndelinAryndelin Junior Member Posts: 1,425Registered Users
    edited January 13
    What exactly do you mean with "on two monitors"?

    That it shows up on two monitors at the same time? Combine 2 monitors to show the game in a wider or taller aspect?

    I'm using 2 monitors now and i can play warhammer 2 just fine.
    I can move the game window between the two monitors just fine too without having the restart the game or fiddle with settings.

    I guess 3K is the same. You can use 2 monitors, play the game on the one of your choice (as long as its good enough). Don't know why it wouldnt.

    Even Rome 2 and shogun 2 function fine. Which is why im confused by what you actually mean with your question
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