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Bug Report - Missing Animations

Clumsy0015Clumsy0015 Registered Users Posts: 2
This is very bizarre, and seems like a big deal not to have been fixed.

Many (most?) combat animations simply don't happen anymore. Spears have no killing animations, they just poke at the general direction of enemies until they die. Axes don't work right either, they fight like sword units and stab people to death. Only swords seem to be working correctly - and this has been happening for months, and has been noticed by many veteran players. We would very much appreciate the animations being added back in with a patch.


  • Harassed_userHarassed_user Registered Users Posts: 4

    You are right, and this is due to not having proper animations tables. Those tables combine the existing animations into a usable set. They could be produced by modding though, if somebody bothered doing it...
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