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Meet Sima Yi



  • bluflarebluflare Registered Users Posts: 22
    Sima Yi will probably not be at the start of the campaign. He'll be some sort of event / mid game crisis introduction to CaoCao's recruitment pool
  • BalaminienGSBalaminienGS Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited January 2019

    I really like how well some of these characters are coming out from the artists on the team!

    I remember being pretty floored by this when I was first reading through the era over a decade ago after ROTK series first sparked my interest. That it was neither of the three major dynasty's that took the grand prize

    13 year old me, just skipping to the end - "JIn ... who the hell is Jin?! Where's Wei, Wu or Shu?!"
  • hahaha01357hahaha01357 Registered Users Posts: 4

    Sima Yi looks great, really like that design.

    So 40 unique looking characters. 14 playable factions. And more thanhalf of the unique characters are under Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Liu Bei.

    Not too surprising. Take for example, two men under Yuan Shao. Qu Yi was Yuan Shao's star general until his execution, Zhang He was a rising general who defected to Wei. Zhang He has a biography that, even if a bit short for the pre-Wei bits, sells his deeds and his life, he has become famous, is in novel and DW. Qu Yi we get glimpses of thanks to Wang Can's annotations, is killed off early in novel and few have heard of him. Focus will be on the known figures, where SGZ and SGYY (since CA use both) provide details and fame.

    To start Cao Cao and co swamping map early, does seem to be case that they will only have those they started with so Zhang He, for example, would likely be under Han Fu and easier for Yuan Shao/Zhang Yan/Gongsun Zan to grab. Sima Yi, maybe Cao Cao will have advantage but in a sandbox, situation might be different so recruitment should be shaped in circumstances.
    jamreal18 said:

    Whos next?
    Yuan Shao's best generals? Wen Chou and Yan Liang?

    Also Wu's talents are must.

    I would like Yuan's best generals Yuan Tan (though seems not), Zhang He (likely) and Qu Yi to be in it! I would be less keen on the minor figures of Wen Chou and Yan Liang to be in it but I suspect they will be in

    I think at moment the marketing is on Wei figures then will move onto Wu then Shu and then any "others"
    Turbster said:

    The man who won the War of the Three Kingdoms.

    Because he lived longer. What a feat. Lost more battle to Zhuge Liang than he won. Almost got killed by him. In the end all he could do was defend and try outlast Zhuge Liang's supplies.

    Edit: Don't get me wrong he's the best Wei had to offer. The smartest thing he could do if not able to beat Shu in battle was to defend. Let's not make out he was the best in all of the three kingdoms throughout the 100 years.
    There is a difference between history and novel. I think Sima Yi has a claim, despite being embarrassingly useless against Zhuge Liang (Sima Yi was no Cao Zhen on that one, his predecessor did far better) in history, to be a candidate for the historical best of the 3k era due to his career outside that moment but there are some great other candidates. Novel he is probably second or third since Zhuge Liang is meant to be number 1.
    How did he lose to Zhuge Liang more than he won? Both times he was in charge of Wei's defenses during Zhuge Liang's last 2 campaigns, he beat Zhuge back with much fewer losses to his own forces.
  • KarostKarost Registered Users Posts: 0
    I like to see Lü Bu and Suma Yi stealing city and gernerals from player close city and try to kill player's faction .... that will make a player very very **** off LOL,
    then player will load save game and kill him after he finish the jobs :)
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